August 18, 2020

Samuel L Jackson Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Wife LaTanya Richardson — See His Sweet Tribute

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Samuel L. Jackson is celebrating 40 years of marriage with his wife LaTanya Richardson and has paid a touching tribute to her. Check out his romantic message. 

There are a few celebrity couples out there that have managed to beat the Hollywood curse that often results in short-lived relationships. 

Samuel L. Jackson and his wife LaTanya Richardson are one of those lucky couples, and today they are celebrating an impressive forty years together. 



Jackson met his wife in the 1960s while attending Morehouse College while Richardson was at Spelman College. After being expelled for protesting Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination, they were separated for two years.  

However, the pair were reunited when Jackson re-enrolled in Morehouse College and now the actor is paying tribute to his wife of forty years with a beautiful message saying:

"We’re still glued together, hip to hip, a holding each other up, not covering as much of the floor, but owning & loving the space that’s ours. You make my soul sing‼️Don’t change the tune, we’re not done dancing"


Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson attend the "Shaft" premiere | Photo: Getty Images


Today, they have become one of the most inspirational families in Hollywood, raising a daughter, Zoe, and building their own respective careers. 


Like her husband, Richardson is also in the entertainment industry, appearing in "To Kill A Mockingbird" and even studying theatre in college. 

She said that she couldn't have done it without God.



In 2018 as the family celebrated Jackson's 70th birthday, his wife spoke about how they had kept their marriage together for so long. 

During the interview, she said that she couldn't have done it without God, also describing her and her husband as revolutionaries. She said:

"We used to say the most revolutionary thing was to keep a Black family together. So that became our mantra."



The actress added that it was important never to let the "sun go down on your wrath," revealing that she always said I love you even when she was angry. 

Richardson also advised women to keep working to stay uplifted. She also believed that it is crucial to let children see you working. 



Last year, Jackson shared a fantastic throwback of the couple for their anniversary, showing them wearing white at their wedding. 

In the post, he called her his reason to wake up and work, also writing that she is his rock. After 40 years of marriage and half a decade of being together, it's beautiful to see that happily ever after really does happen.