August 20, 2020

Ludacris and His Wife Eudoxie Look Back to Their Fun African Vacation with Kids — See the Sweet Photos

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Ludacris and his wife Eudoxie shared throwback images of their family's trips to Gabon, West Africa. The couple proceeded to celebrate the country's independence in the recently uploaded post.

American rapper and actor Ludacris has been married to his African born wife, Eudoxie Mbouguiengue for a few years now. The pair are parents to daughter, Cadence, whom they welcomed six years ago. However, the rapper has two other kids from previous relationships.

Although the couple resides in America, they make it a responsibility to visit Eudoxie's native land, Gabon, in West Africa. Proof of these trips are often documented on their social media pages.


Ludacris and Eudoxie Mbouguiengue at the Billboard Music Awards on May 21, 2017 | Photo: Getty Images

Less than a day ago, Gabon celebrated its independence from colonial rule which was earned a few years ago. As a citizen of the country, Eudoxie took to the gram to celebrate her motherland.


She shared images of her daughter looking excited to be in her mother's country. Other snaps featured the country's incredibly beautiful beach and vibrant culture. The caption was, however, in French.


Many of her fans joined in the celebration. Some showed that they were impressed that she's fond of her roots. Others focused on the gorgeousness of the images posted and complimented the couple's vacation country.

Before they walked down the aisle, they went through a break up following Ludacris' infidelity. 

Ludacris, who recently became a citizen of the country, also showed his appreciation for Gabon's cultural heritage. The rapper shared a clip of some dancing women dressed in cultural outfits.


While he wished the country a happy independence day, he maintained that his family would be back to visit. He said:

"Happy Independence Day to My 2nd Home of Gabon...Africa Today. The Entire Family Will Be Back Very Soon. We Have More Work To Do."

Lovers of the rapper extended their hearts of celebration as their number one celebrity flaunted his love for his second country. Some fans were intrigued by the cultural dynamics and they ensured to comment on it.


Ludacris' announcement of dual citizenship was first displayed on his page a few months ago when he joyously explained that he would begin the new year as a citizen of two countries.

Gabon is only one of the African countries the couple has visited. They once visited Ghana and during these trips, the rapper has shown his unwavering admiration for the African heritage and past.

In one shared post, he talked about the African slave trade history and how it influenced his perspective on African ancestors' struggles.


Apart from being an advocate of the African pride, the father of three has equally been supportive of his wife. In 2018, she suffered a miscarriage, and thankfully, the rapper was by her side all through the recovery process.

The pair have worked their way through the ups and downs in their relationship. Before they walked down the aisle, they went through a break up following Ludacris' infidelity. 

After they decided to settle down, the couple put in some effort to have a happy blended family by welcoming Ludacris' daughters, Karma and Cai, and one of Eudoxie's sisters whom they are raising as their own.