August 24, 2020

NFL Star Alex Smith's Family Celebrates His Comeback from Life-Threatening Injury

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NFL player Alex Smith has been cleared for full football activity by his team, almost two years after suffering a life-threatening injury to his right leg. His family recently celebrated his comeback, as shown in a video posted to social media.

On August 15, Alex Smith's wife, Elizabeth, shared a video on Instagram that shows the family ambushing Washington Football Team quarterback Alex Smith with a shower of champagne and laughs. In the caption, Elizabeth wrote:

"Hard work pays off! Lots to celebrate in the Smith house tonight."

Alex Smith at FedExField on November 18, 2018 in Landover, Maryland. | Photo: Getty Images


The family's big celebration came after the NFL's Washington Football Team announced that Smith has been activated off the list of players physically unable to perform.

On August 16, Elizabeth took to Twitter to explain that the adorable clip she posted was their family praising the hard work, determination, and fight her husband has shown to get where he is.

"An example to our kids to NEVER give up," she added. She also praised him for how he shattered every obstacle that came his way.


In November 2018, Smith broke his right fibula and tibia during a game against the Houston Texans. The football player was immediately taken to a hospital, where he developed an infection that almost cost him his leg and life.

The recovery of Smith was the subject of an ESPN documentary, titled "Project 11," which was aired in May.

Smith said he keeps on making gains and show signs of improvement even in these last few weeks.


Meanwhile, when asked why he was determined to come back to football, Smith explained that he is staying determined because he still has his life ahead of him.

He is doing it for his children, he said, adding that he is greatly appreciative of his team for giving him the chance to put his jersey back on and play again. 

Smith, who played college football for the Utah Utes, said leaving football is not a decision he wants to make anytime soon. 


If he did leave the sport, he said, he does not think he could look his children in the eye and speak to them about giving it their all and achieving their dreams despite difficulties.

Smith said he keeps on making gains and show signs of improvement even in these last few weeks. His progress excites him and motivates him to continue pushing on. 

The althete also admitted that he would soon know what his limitations are given his previous injury. However, he guaranteed that he has not discovered them yet.

Meanwhile, NFL Player Damien Williams recently revealed that he is opting out of the upcoming NFL 2020 season following his mother's shocking stage four cancer diagnosis.

According to him, his mother's diagnosis was already quite serious — stage 4 cancer — and dealing with such an issue was of utmost importance.