August 21, 2020

See How NFL Legend Walter Payton's Look-Alike Grandson Prepared for 3rd Grade

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Late iconic NFL Legend Walter Payton's son Jarrett celebrates his young son, Jaden's first day in 3rd grade with a touching post on his Instagram page.

Walter Payton was one of the greatest players that the NFL ever saw to date. After a long successful career, the Chicago Bears running back passed away in 1999, but his legacy carried on. 

In a recent Instagram post, Payton's son Jarrett revealed that the late athlete's grandson, Jaden, was heading off to the 3rd grade. He shared:

"I can't believe @jadenpayton is already in 3rd grade!! He's growing up so fast..."


Chicago Bears' running back Walter Payton #34 runs with the ball circa 1975-1987. | Photo: Getty Images

Jarrett added that he was loving Jaden's cute Patrick Mahomes haircut and how it looked fresh in his virtual classroom. 


The newly-turned 3rd grader looked ecstatic with the new class, dressed in an all-black outfit. Jarrett's followers agreed that the little boy had, indeed, grown up so fast and they wished him the best.


The journey of fatherhood has been particularly intense for Jarrett who followed in his father's footsteps of making NFL history.

The proud dad was previously signed as an undrafted free agent by the Tennessee Titans and also played for the Montreal Alouettes and the Toronto Argonauts.

He got to bump fists and rub elbows with some of the world's most important people.


Just 4 years ago, Jaden made his dad emotional again when he started school. The 39-year-old who now hosts his own internet radio show, the "Jarrett Payton Show" shared a video of himself crying as he dropped Jaden off at school for the first time. Jarrett said:

"Well, I tried holding [it] together. My son's getting big, man. I don't know if there is anything cooler than being a dad, man..."

The former NFL player who is married to his wife, Trisha George, also shares his daughter, Madison with her. His social media is often flooded with heartwarming moments with his adorable kids.


In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, the former sportsman who became a sportscaster for a live CLTV sports talk show confessed that although it was great, raising the next generation of Paytons was not easy.

He grew up with a father who was as famous and respected as they came. He got to bump fists and rub elbows with some of the world's most important people, and still, his dad always made sure to remain his dad. Now, it was his turn to raise his kids in the right way.


So far, Jarrett has done an amazing job of being the best dad to his kids. The 39-year-old also established the Jarrett Payton Foundation, a platform that was committed to positively impacting the lives of young people all over the world.

As his own kids grow and learn from him, this proud dad knows that he always has to keep his head up and his heart open. His family is everything to him.