August 21, 2020

Amber Rose Shows off Her Adorable Son Slash as He Plays with Her Friend Bria Myles

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Actress and model Amber Rose took to her Instagram story to share cute videos of her baby son Slash playing with her friend and actress, Bria Myles. 

On Wednesday, proud mom Amber Rose showed her baby son, Slash's playful side when she shared videos of the adorable baby playing with actress Bria Myles on her Instagram Story. 

In the video, Slash was lying on a couch with Myles beside him. The actress wore a white tank top and smiled happily as she rubbed on the cute baby's stomach. 

Amber Rose at the National Film and Television Awards Ceremony on December 5, 2018. | Photo: Getty Images


Slash enjoyed Myles' attention and giggled loudly to show his satisfaction. He also waved his right hand lightly with Myles rubbing on his tiny palms, making the baby even happier. 

Rose laughed in the background and was pleased to see her son getting along with Myles. She captioned the story post

"Slash is in love with his Auntie @realbriamyles."

A picture of Slash playing with Bria Myles. | Photo: Instagram/amberrose


Rose also shared videos showing Slash and his father, Alexander Edwards having a moment. In the video, Edwards carried his son in his arms and feigned basketball jump shots. 

Not wanting to be outdone by his dad, Slash did his best to recreate his jump shots with his little hands. His attempts generated excitement from his father who screamed happily while Rose laughed and cheered in the background. 

Rose shared a video showing Edwards snuggling his baby son and kissing him on the face multiple times.

A picture of Alexander Edwards carrying his son Slash. | Photo: Instagram/amberrose


On Wednesday, Rose took a break from mommy duties and stepped out with her mother, Dorothy in Bel-Air to grab burgers for lunch. 

The supermodel wore a black tank top that exposed her multiple tattoos. She matched her top with tie-dye sweatpants that covered her famous backside. She also wore a face mask amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Last month, the mother of two was captured in full mom mode during an outing with Edwards in Studio City. She was seen carrying Slash in her arms and walking around while the little tot had a pacifier in his mouth. 

Edwards, a Def Jam record label executive, was also in dad mode and was seen giving Rose a helping hand while she unloaded their baby's stroller from the car. 

The proud dad enjoys bonding with his son and has been doing so since Slash's birth. In October 2019, Rose shared a video showing Edwards snuggling his baby son and kissing him on the face multiple times. 

Slash is the perfect combination of his father and mother and is such an adorable baby boy. The baby is too cute for words to describe and is indeed such a heartbreaker!