August 30, 2020

Fans React to Porsha Williams' Daughter Pilar Using Slippers in Her Own Way in a Cute New Video

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Porsha Williams shared a hilarious video of her daughter, Pilar Jhena, displaying a new use for slippers at home. Fans went wild with laughter and claimed the 17-month-old had started a new fashion trend.

Reality TV star Porsha Williams and her fiance, Dennis McKinley, were in for quite the show over the weekend as they enjoyed some quality time with their daughter, Pilar Jhena.

On Sunday, the controversial couple who have been engaged for close to two years watched in amusement as their 17-month-old bundle of joy played around with some slippers.

Porsha Williams at the A3C Festival & Conference in October 2019 | Photo: Getty Images


Pilar Jhena, wearing a casual blue attire with red buttons, showed off some fashion creativity by wearing her father's pair of black slippers over her knees, as one would wear leg splints.

The unusual accessories completed a hilarious look for the youngster which her parents seemed to appreciate by capturing the encounter on video. They shared the comical clip with Pilar Jhena's 364,000 Instagram followers with the caption:

"Look at y'all's niece with Pop pop slippers on her legs ?? She put them on herself and wouldn't take them off! lol"


Many of the couple's fans lapped up the entertainment, admitting that they were initially convinced Jhena was wearing a type of baby chaps or knee pads. Most agreed that the clip was both hilarious and ridiculously adorable at the same time.

Some fans teased that the toddler was starting a trend that was "beyond everyone's fashion level," while others joked that Pilar Jhena was only showing her folks the proper way of wearing a pair of slippers.

The entrepreneur admitted to cheating on his other half but later blamed it on the quality of their sex life during pregnancy.


Although Williams and McKinley seem to be enjoying the early stages of parenthood, the couple's romantic history has been a roller coaster.

The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star met the Atlanta businessman several years ago. Still, the two only confirmed they were dating in 2018 when Williams announced their engagement on her radio show, "DISH Nation Atlanta."

A comment on RHOA star Porsha Williams' post. | Photo: Instagram/porsha4real


At first, Williams tried to keep details of their relationship out of the spotlight, but the actress soon went all out and littered her Instagram account with her new lover's photos.

The couple seemed deeply entranced by each other and disclosed in September 2018 that they were expecting a child together.

A fan's comment on Porsha Williams' post| Photo: Instagram/porsha4real


This was incredible news for the then-37-year-old after a series of traumatic miscarriages, and Pilar Jhena was delivered safely in March 2019.

Nonetheless, it also spelled the beginning of trouble in her romance with McKinley. The entrepreneur admitted to cheating on his other half but later blamed it on the quality of their sex life during pregnancy and some postpartum depression.

However, the devoted couple seems to have come out strong after using couples' therapists to strengthen their union. Williams and McKinley are expected to tie the knot sometime soon.