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3 Funny Jokes about Battling Bad Weather

Joe Akins
Sep 03, 2020
03:30 P.M.
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Here are three jokes about different people who hilariously had the absolute worst luck when it comes to bad weather and unexpected endings.


A husband and wife bought a house from two elderly sisters, a grand old house in northern New York State. As the later months of the year came, the wife knew that winter was coming and became very concerned about the lack of insulation in the old house.

As the year's first snow came, her worry began to escalate. Trying to pacify his wife, the husband assured her that if the two elderly sisters who once owned the house could survive so long in it without any insulation, they could definitely do the same.

Snowman and Christmas tree at illuminated wooden house in snow at night | Photo: Getty Images


One chilly November night, both husband and wife woke up to find that the temperature had plunged nearly into the negatives, and the inner walls were shrouded in frost. They immediately panicked.

The man picked up the phone and rang the sisters to ask them for help. After a surprisingly brief chat over the phone, the man hung up and looked his wife straight in the eye. He said:

"For the past three decades, they have spent all their winters in Florida."

Snow covered treetops in forest, Alberta, Canada | Photo: Getty Images


Here is another joke about a man who got stuck in a flood.

A terrible flood ceased a town after it had been raining incessantly for days, and the river in the town crested. Many houses were flooded, and the waters continued to rise higher and higher by the hour. 

One man was forced to climb unto the roof to avoid drowning and stayed there until the waters rose so high that they almost caught up with him.

People on a boat | Photo: Pexels


One day, a man in a rowboat approached his roof haven and asked him to get in so they could row to safety. The man on the roof politely declined and said he had faith that God would come and rescue him. The man rowed his boat away.

Hours later, a man in a speedboat appeared and asked him to hop on. The man on the roof declined and told the speedboat rider that he had faith in God coming to rescue him.

Man pouring water from dipper on blue and grey house. | Photo: Pexels


The man remained on the roof and prayed to God to come and save him. As the waters continued to rise, a chopper appeared and asked him to come aboard over a loudspeaker. 

The pilot lowered a rope to his roof, but the man declined and replied that he had faith that God would save him. The chopper went away, and the man continued to pray. Sadly, the man died. When he got to heaven, the first thing he did was confront God and ask why he did not come to save him. God replied:

"I sent you two boats and a helicopter. What more do you expect'

Red helicopter on top of foggy mountain. | Photo: Pexels


This joke is about an employer who bought his employee some ear muffs.

The owner of a construction project lived in a city where the winters were brutal. One day, he decided to do something nice for his foreman and bought him earmuffs for the cold.

Long after that, on one of the chilliest days yet, he noticed that his foreman was not wearing the earmuffs. He was perplexed and asked him if he did not like the earmuffs. 

A young woman walking at the Rembrandt Park during snowfall in Amsterdam,Netherlands | Photo: Getty Images


The employee replied and said that he loved them, in fact. Still confused, the project manager asked why he did not wear them on such a bitter day. The foreman answered:

"I was wearing them the first day, and somebody offered to buy me lunch, but I didn't hear him! Never again, never again!"

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