Glimpse inside Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton's Rocky Friendship — Their Ups & Downs

Busayo Ogunjimi
Sep 10, 2020
04:40 A.M.
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Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are the quintessential celebrity friends. Both have inspired and helped each other with their careers on several fronts. However, like every celebrity friendship, there have been some rough patches too. 


Kim and Paris have been close friends for years. They were first seen together in 2006 when they attended the season premiere of hit TV series "Entourage." The pair made a few other red carpet appearances that same year, and the media frenzy began. 

The prospect of Kim and Paris being friends was one that the media welcomed. It was additional content, and everyone was happy.

Kim Kardashian West attends the 2019 Creative Arts Emmy Awards | Photo: Getty Images


It definitely made sense since both were famous and pretty. They had both been on different shows and had shown interest in the same things. At that point, it seemed like everything was right in the world. 

However, there was a bit of a wrinkle in the works, and the friendship ended in 2008. According to reports, the trouble began back in the early 2000s. Paris was a world-famous star back then, and Kim was merely a friend of hers. 


Soon, Paris seemed to be having issues with her best friends — Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie. She eventually moved on, and that was how she and Kim kicked off their friendship. 

As for the fight, it was reportedly all about fame. Kim soon started to get a better public profile due to her friendship with Paris, and the latter wasn't so pleased with sharing the spotlight. 

Despite the hurtful things that they've said, Paris and Kim now appear to be close again.


The pair soon drifted apart, and it was pretty much war from there. Around the same time, both had sex tapes leaked on the internet.

Even with the sex tape frenzy, Kim was attracting way more headlines than Paris. Seemingly jealous, Paris went on to insult Kim, who fired back promptly. 


Things reached boiling point when Paris claimed that she had "created" Kim. She added that the entire Kardashian family owed her and that Kim was only famous because of her. 

It was all a classic tale of apparent jealousy. Paris seemed to never have anything good to say about Kim, but Kim wasn't all too ready to talk about Paris. None of this did the latter any good. 


The fact that Kim never got into any of the drama made her even more likable to fans. Paris, on the other hand, always came off as jealous and bitter. 

Despite the hurtful things that they've said, Paris and Kim now appear to be close again. The pair buried the hatched some years back, as Paris attended the Kardashian family Christmas party in 2016. 

Paris attended the same event in 2018, leading many to believe that the pair's reconciliation was for real. Kim even featured in a music video for Paris' song, "I'm Jealous of My Best Friend's {Expletive}." It's safe to say that all is well now.