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Woman Reported a Nurse for Making Her Feel Uncomfortable during Her Hospital Stay

Olowokandi Fiyin
Sep 09, 2020
05:20 P.M.
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A pregnant woman who reported a nurse making her feel uncomfortable and judging her during her stay in the hospital wants to know if she is wrong.


A concerned woman has taken to the streets of Reddit to recount her experience with a nurse during her stay in the hospital. The original poster, who is 8 months pregnant, explained that she has chronic kidney stones, which she has battled for a while.

According to her, she was taken to the hospital two nights ago after intense kidney pain, blood in her urine, and severe cramping.

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After waiting in the ER for 45 minutes because the receptionist didn't notice how far along she was, she was sent up to the L&D triage where she was also delayed.

The receptionist stalled her because she didn't think her kidney stones were serious enough for her to be triaged. However, she finally got admitted and started on IV antibiotics after discovering she had a massive infection.

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During her hospitalization, the IV was attempted four times, with the fourth one finally sticking. The other three, unfortunately, left her bruised and burst one of her veins.

After the horrendous experience with the IV, she finally was at ease until the nurse on the morning shift resumed. The original poster explained that the nurse was nice at first, but once she noticed the track marks on her hands, she became quiet.

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The nurse kept insinuating that she was a drug addict and kept talking about its impact on her baby. At one point, the nurse walked out on the poster when she asked for meds because she was in pain. 

The poster mentioned that she had no history with addiction, but was a substance abuse counselor and understood that she was stigmatized. She felt terrible about it as she didn't expect a medical professional to react that way even if she was an addict.


It got so bad that the poster had to hide her pain from the nurse to avoid hearing a lecture about drug use. On the day the poster was to be discharged, the nurse again repeated her warning about how drugs would impact the baby, and she lost it.

The angry poster reported the nurse to her doctor crying about how she was badly treated. Her doctor got pissed as the nurse had been in the habit of treating patients wrongly.


He urged her to write a letter, detailing her horrible treatment to the hospital management. It will also be shared with other patients, informing them of the nurse's bad habit. Now, the woman wants to know if she is wrong for putting the nurse in trouble.

Many Redditors sided with her doctor, encouraging the poster to write the letter and prevent other patients from having a similar experience. A similar dramatic story is that of a woman who confronted a co-worker who tried to scam her because she resumed work late.