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Woman Doesn't Want to Accept Her Husband's Child from an Affair

Bettina Dizon
Sep 19, 2020
01:00 P.M.
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A pregnant woman refused to take in her cheating husband's child from another woman after the addicted baby mama was arrested.


No woman would ever want to be cheated on, especially not when she and her husband already have a stable family. However, the reality is that some people still commit adultery.

A married woman sought advice from the Reddit community after facing a woman's worst nightmare -- her husband of seven years cheated on her. To make matters worse, his affair produced a newborn baby.

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The woman introduced herself as a "happily" married wife with four children, including an unborn infant due to come within weeks. While everything seemed to be well, her husband broke the news that made her heart sink.

The comments were very helpful as many advised the pregnant woman to seek legal help before making any significant decisions.

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He had an affair that resulted in a one-month-old child that came two months earlier than expected. To complicate things, his mistress is an addict recently arrested. Hence, the child's custody goes to her husband.

Given the turnout of events, the unfaithful man had no choice but to tell his wife of his love child, since the newborn had to be cared for. He also blamed the wife for letting herself go the past months, resulting in his "moment of weakness." 

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"He's telling me that we could still be a happy family and that his baby needs a father," she added. "His side of the family is calling me a monster for turning away a child in need."

Reddit users were nearly unanimous in their response that the woman was not wrong for not accepting the child. Moreover, the husband was horrible for turning the tables and blaming the wife for his cheating.

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The comments were very helpful as many advised the pregnant woman to seek legal help before making any significant decisions. Many also suggested having herself and her husband checked for possible STDs since his mistress was a drug user.

"Either seek marriage counseling or file for divorce. Your husband doesn't get to use his love child to guilt you into accepting his philandering," one comment read. Had you been in the situation, would you accept the child?

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