Daily Joke: Retired Couple Discussing Going on a Cruise

Joe Akins
Sep 23, 2020
11:30 A.M.
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A retired couple who had been married for fifty years planned to go on a boat cruise, and the wife had a few ideas up her sleeves. 


A man named Mr. Johnson had been a retiree for a year. His wife of 50 years walked up to him and said they should go for a boat cruise. 

She told him they could go somewhere and spend a week. When they got to their destination, they would make crazy love, just like when they were younger. 

Old man and old woman stand near each other | Photo: Pixabay


Mr. Johnson agreed with his wife’s suggestion. He went to his favorite pharmacy and bought one bottle of seasickness pills. He also purchased a box of condoms. 

When he returned home, his loving wife had some alterations to the plan. She suggested that instead of spending just a week, they should spend a month.


Again, Mr. Johnson agreed with his wife’s opinion. He went over to the pharmacist and requested a box of condoms and 12 bottles of seasickness pills. 

Upon his return, his darling wife, again, had changes to make to her initial suggestion. She noted their children were all on their own. Hence nothing was stopping them from cruising all over the world. 


Agreeing with his wife for the third time, Mr. Johnson went back to the pharmacy once more. This time, he requested a box of condoms and 297 bottles of seasickness pills. 

The pharmacist, who had been noting his customer’s requests, finally spoke up. He asked Mr. Johnson: “You know, Mr. Johnson, you have been doing business with me for over 30 years. I certainly don’t mean to pry, but if it makes you that sick, why do you do it?”



A man went into a bar. When he got in, he sat down and took note of the people inside. He noticed a group of persons communicating with sign language. 

The man also observed that the barman was communicating with them using sign language. The curious man asked the bartender how he was able to speak sign language. 

A bartender sits at a bar | Photo: Pixabay


The bartender explained that the group of persons were regular customers and had taught him how to communicate using signs. The man was impressed with that. 

Soon after that, the man noticed the group waving their hands wildly. Seeing what was happening, the bartender stood up and signaled to the group. 


He told them to stop what they were doing and drove them out of the bar. Confused, the man asked the bartender why he did so. The bartender replied: 

“If I told them once I told them 100 times – NO SINGING IN THE BAR!”

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Source: Startsat60