Daily Joke: An Elderly Woman Was Chatting with Fellow Beachgoers

Pedro Marrero
Sep 30, 2020
11:30 P.M.
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This chatty grandmother really had reasons to be proud of her young grandchildren, but her interlocutor was left speechless when she revealed how remarkable the children actually were.


We all know that nobody is prouder of people than their grandparents, but sometimes others have a hard time understanding what is so special about someone’s grandchildren.

Nevertheless, the woman in this story seems to have been graced with some really remarkable grandchildren, who, it is safe to say, were rather precocious, to say the least.

An elderly woman taking a ride on a bicycle by the sea. I Image: Getty Images.


One day, the elderly and wealthy woman spent some leisure time at the beach and she couldn’t help but keep bragging about her two beloved and admired grandchildren with any stranger that gave her some attention.

There was a particular person that, after listening to the woman for a while couldn’t refrain from interrupting her with a comment, and he went on to ask her about the age of the grandchildren she couldn’t stop talking about.


Visibly grateful for the question and the interest shown in her grandchildren by a stranger, the grandmother started to reply:

“The doctor is four and the lawyer is six…”



This inconsiderate husband had a weakness for going out every night to drink after work and to return home drunk and very late, and when his wife had finally had enough she decided to teach him a lesson.

So one night, the rather creative wife dressed up as the devil and hid in the dark to give her husband a good scare whenever he returned home from partying.


Finally, after a long wait, the wife jumped out of her hiding place and screamed in the man’s face. But her husband didn’t react any close to what she expected, and instead, he replied:

“You don’t scare me. I am married to your sister!”



The third joke of today goes about a young and foolish pilot that didn’t like to follow the protocol as would be expected from a more experienced pilot and who wanted to sound cool to his aviation peers.

It was the first time one which he had to approach a field at night, but instead of officially requesting assistance to land in the dark, he jokingly said to the tower: “Guess who?” 

The tower controller didn’t find the talk of the young pilot funny, and to show him better, the controller proceeded to turn the field lights off and to respond: “Guess where?”

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