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'Yellowstone' Star Boots Southerland Plays Wade Morrow — inside His Life and Career

Afouda Bamidele
Oct 07, 2020
06:40 A.M.
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Actor Boots Southerland who plays the mysterious Wade Morrow on the series, "Yellowstone," was a late bloomer in Hollywood, but that didn't stop him from working his way to the top.


When Wade Morrow first showed up in season three, episode five of "Yellowstone," fans didn't expect the character to have much impact on the show. However, that soon changed when his mysterious aura enchanted viewers of the western series.

The actor responsible for keeping fans activated is Boots Southerland. While he has lived a relatively private life, fans are curious about what he is like, away from the cameras.



Although Southerland's exact date of birth isn't known, he is believed to be 70 years old. He was born Marlin Southerland but later adopted the name Boots. He got his first acting gig in the feature film, "No Country For Old Men." However, his first significant project didn't come until 1989 when he appeared in the miniseries "Lonesome Dove" playing a sergeant's role.

Since then, he has risen to become a powerhouse in the world of Western series with features in "Texas Ranger," "Lucky Luke," "The Young Riders," and "The Lazarus Man and Walker."


He also has some roles in non-western movies like "The Hunger Games" and "Sicario." While Southerland isn't active in social media, there are reports that he lives in New Mexico.


In the series, Sutherland's character Wade Morrow is one of John Dutton's neighboring ranchers from his past, and fans are keen on his connection is to the Duttons.

After the devastating end of season 3, which saw three members of the Dutton family fighting for their lives, Jaimie Dutton is considered to be among the people who ordered the hit. 


John Dutton adopted Jaimie after he watched his dad kill his mom. His troubled childhood continued to hunt him while growing with John's children. In season 3, Jaimie was able to track down the person he assumes is his biological father, Garrett Randell, and he is as antagonistic as Jaimie. 

According to one fans' theory, Garrett was the one who advised Jaimie to attack his adoptive family so he could get control of the ranch. However, others think Morrow is Jaimie's true father, and that is the reason why he is always at loggerheads with John. 


In episode 7 of season three, fans got to witness a conversation between John and Morrow, where the former accused the latter of stealing the one thing a cowboy doesn't steal. 


During their heated chat, John recalled helping Morrow with a job and then losing something precious to him. John accused Morrow of having something that belongs to him.

As expected, fans have come up with theories about what Morrow stole and some suggest it is the prized belt buckle that John's father gave him. Others think it is the "Yellowstone." Despite the different opinions, only season 4 can shed light on the mysterious relationship Morrow and John have.