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Brazilian Maestro, João Carlos Martins Plays Piano after 20 Years with Help from Bionic Gloves

Gracious Egedegbe
Oct 03, 2020
01:30 P.M.
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Joao Carlos Martins, an acclaimed Brazilian pianist, and conductor, played the piano for the first time in twenty years, thanks to bionic gloves custom-made for him. 


Goodnews Movement shared a heartwarming and emotional video on its Instagram page, showing Joao Carlos Martins, an acclaimed Brazilian pianist and conductor, playing the piano.

One may wonder what could be so special about a pianist playing the piano, but this occasion was one of a kind. It marked the first time the classical pianist would play his favorite musical instrument with both hands, in 20 years. 

Joao Carlos Martins attend(s) The BRAZIL FOUNDATION's 8th Annual Gala Benefit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on September 23, 2010. | Photo: Getty Images


That is because Martins suffers from a degenerative disease and has only played the piano with his thumbs and index fingers. But thanks to special bionic gloves custom-made for him, he was able to do what he loves doing best with both hands again. 

Martins was overwhelmed with emotions and lowered his head as he played, trying his best to hold back the tears welling up from within. He also shared a video of the beautiful moment on his Instagram page, captioning it in Portuguese. His message is translated as

"Let there be love! How much inspiration, my God! Bach / Marcello."


Many of Matins' fans celebrated the beautiful moment with him, commenting on his post with messages of love and well-wishes. One fan described the video as exciting. 

A second fan said there was so much sensitivity, love, and emotion in the performance. The fan further said Brazil needed prayers, poetry, and Martins' performances. 

Lockey revealed she lost her hands to meningitis as a baby, which almost caused her death.


The video showed the reunion of a maestro, who never thought he would play with his hands again, with his favorite musical instrument, and his performance showed it was long overdue. 

Martins was fitted with the bionic gloves, which are covered with neoprene. The gloves were designed by Ubirata Bizarro Costa and bump Martins' fingers upwards after depressing the keys. 

In a reported interview, Martins said he felt like there was a corpse within him when he lost his ability to play the piano because of the degenerative disease. 


The bionic gloves prove another great way technology changes peoples' lives when used in the right way. It also sees Martins, the legendary pianist, add to the list of beautiful stories about those with bionic arms. 

In September, an 8-year-old girl, Tallulah Allen, from South Wales, got presented with life-changing bionic arms after she started becoming self-conscious about her limb difference. 


Those feelings made Tallulah ask to be homeschooled. However, her mom, Kim, got in touch with a Bristol-based prosthetics company, after which her daughter's "Hero Arms," which cost close to $13,000, was funded by a supportive donor. 

Tallulah is one of the youngest persons in the UK with bionic arms. However, she is not as famous as Tilly Lockey, a 14-year-old girl known as the "Bionic teen" who recently landed a job as the new presenter of Sky's kid show, FYI. 

Lockey revealed she lost her hands to meningitis as a baby, which almost caused her death. However, she survived against all the odds, adding that her hands were amputated at the wrists to make it easier for her to wear prosthetics in the future.