October 11, 2020

Here's How Gabby Sidibe and Her Boyfriend Brandon Frankel's Typical Sunday Looks Like

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Gabby Sidibe's heartthrob, Brandon Frankel was all about their romantic life in his media share from Sunday as he showed fans a glimpse of how they lounged during the weekend.

Gabby Sidibe's lover, Brandon Frankel is all about public displays of affection and he never fails to show how much he cherishes his star girlfriend. 

His recent Instagram display was no exception as Frankel let fans in on how he and Sidibe basked in each other's company over the weekend.

Gabourey Sidibe in the "Talk Less" episode of "Empire" which aired on March 10, 2019. | Photo: Getty Images



The one-photo post was a romantic selfie taken in their bedroom that showed the pair enjoying a lovely time with their cat. Sidibe wrapped herself in a comfy blanket while bearing a big smile. Frankel wrote in his caption: 

"This is a typical happy place."

Frankel presented his own smile from the far corner of the selfie as he rested his head close to Sidibe's shoulder. Fans in the comments showed that they loved a sweet couple show off as they fawned over them and shared heart emojis.



Early this year, Frankel, a creative artist, rang in the new year with an appreciative message for the love of his life. His social media post was a lengthy address to his loved ones, especially Sidibe, as he listed all her admirable qualities.

Many people termed her panic attacks as being too sensitive.

The fitness enthusiast shared several photos of his and Sidibe's heart-melting moments which showed them twinning in same outfits. Referring to her as his "sunshine," he thanked the award-winning actress for making an impact in his life.



Sidibe, 37, who came into limelight after her pivotal role in 2009's "Precious," once made a pact not to give men any audience to place them as a priority. She mentioned in an interview that she was bent on shunning patriarchal standards.

However, it did not take long before she fell in love and was swept off her feet by branding expert, Frankel. The couple who were romantically linked since 2019 has been quarantining together in Chicago and enjoying more bonding moments.



The star became acclaimed after she played the role of an overweight, illiterate young girl who endured abuse in "Precious."

Her role earned her an Academy Award nomination, and soon after, she starred in more blockbuster movies. Her fame is presently thriving, but Sidibe comes from a humble background.

Sidibe was born to an African American mom and a Senegalese dad. She made it known that her dad was an African man whose values differed from that of his American family.

Growing up, Sidibe struggled with insecurities and panic attacks. Many people termed her panic attacks as being too sensitive, but she overcame it all with time.