Daily Joke: MacAndrews Did Some Fishing with His Cousin

Busayo Ogunjimi
Oct 18, 2020
01:30 P.M.
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MacAndrews visited his cousin O'Bannon, an Irish native, and decided to engage in some fishing activities during his visit and it led to a hilarious ending.


MacAndrews had not seen his Irish cousin O'Bannon for a long time and decided to visit him. When MacAndrews got there, he started fishing. While fishing, his cousin passed by.

He asked MacAndrews what he was doing, to which the latter replied, saying he was fishing. O'Bannon asked if his cousin had caught anything, and MacAndrews replied in the negative. 

A portrait of young Irish man walking on the street. | Photo: Getty Images


O'Bannon asked what MacAndrews was using as fish bait, to which the latter responded, saying he used worms. He asked to see the bait. MacAndrews lifted the fishing line from the water and handed it to his cousin.

The Irish native brought out his flask containing home-brewed liquor. He dipped the worm into the flask and handed it back to MacAndrews. MacAndrews cast the fishing line into the sea-waters once more. 


As soon as he did so, the fishing rod bent over double, while the line screamed out. O'Bannon was observing what was happening and asked his visiting cousin if he had gotten a bite. Fighting with the rod, MacAndrews replied, saying:

"No! The worm's got a salmon by the throat." 



Jack was telling John how his brother took ill and went to see the doctor. John asked him if his brother was feeling better but he replied in the negative, explaining that his brother had a broken arm.

Feeling sorry, John asked Jack how his brother broke his arm. He explained that the doctor gave his brother a prescription and told him to follow it no matter what happened.

The prescription then flew out of the window. Puzzled, John again asked how Jack's brother broke his arm. Jack replied:

"He fell out of the window trying to follow the prescription." 



A reputed sex therapist realized people often lied about the frequency of their encounters and devised a means to tell the number of times a person has sex.


Trying to prove his theory, the therapist filled an auditorium with people. Going down the line, he asked each one of them to smile. He used each person's smile to guess the frequency of their encounters accurately. Finally, he got to a man grinning from ear to ear. 


The therapist guessed the man had sex twice a day but was surprised when the man said no. He guessed again, saying the man had sex once a day. However, the therapist was wrong, as the man still said no.

He kept guessing, saying twice a week and twice a month, be he was wrong each time. Finally, the therapist said once a year, to which the man replied in the affirmative. 

The sex therapist was embittered his theory did not work and asked the man what he was so happy about. The man replied, "Tonight's the night," leading to roaring laughter among the people. 

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