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Watch as Doorbell Camera Captures Moment a Stanford Professor Was Told He Won the Nobel Prize

Busayo Ogunjimi
Oct 15, 2020
09:30 P.M.
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A doorbell camera caught the moment a Stanford professor was informed he was being awarded a Nobel Prize — the professor's reaction was priceless.  


A youtube video that features a scene caught by a doorbell camera has been making rounds on the internet. The camera captured the moment when news reached a Stanford professor known as Paul Milgrom that he had received a Nobel Prize. 

The Nobel Prize Committee had reportedly been having difficulties in reaching out to him to share the joyful news, so his colleague and fellow winner, Robert Wilson, took it upon himself to make sure Milgrom heard about his achievement.  

Photo of Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson during an interview | Photo: Youtube / Stanford


At around 2:15 in the morning, Wilson knocked on Milgrom's door to deliver the great news. He had to knock and ring the doorbell multiple times before Milgrom, who seemed to have been asleep, answered grudgingly.  

The conversation was heard through the door bell's intercom. Wilson called out to Milgrom and promptly stated that he had received a Nobel Prize.  


A shocked Milgrom could only utter a "wow" as the news sunk in. His wife, who is over in Stockholm, was privileged to watch it live because she received the notification on her phone.

It is reportedly the last Nobel award that will be announced this year.


Milgrom is a humanities and sciences professor at the Stanford University economics department, while Wilson is a professor emeritus of management at the Stanford Business School. They were both granted Nobel Prizes for the positive adjustments they made to the auction theory and inventions of new auction formats.

Wilson's work gave way to the theory of the typical value, while Milgrom's work included the analysis of bidding blueprints to gauge how an auction's format can leave the seller with more revenue returns. 


Working in tandem, the knowledgeable pair was able to create brand new auction formats that will support the sale of many interrelated items at the same time. Their work is said to have been of help to buyers, sellers, and taxpayers everywhere in the world. 

The Nobel prize the pair won is called the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences, and it is given in memory of Alfred Nobel. It is reportedly the last Nobel award that will be announced this year. In the previous week, five Americans received prizes in medicine, physics, chemistry, and literature.

The economic Nobel Prize has reportedly been awarded to exactly 84 individuals for the past 50 years. To date, only two women have been recipients of the coveted prize.