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Discover How 'Will & Grace' Star Leslie Jordan Redefined His Career during Quarantine

Busayo Ogunjimi
Oct 27, 2020
08:00 A.M.
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The novel coronavirus pandemic has affected the movie industry in a myriad of ways. However, while many actors could not work, some found ways to remain connected with their fans. Veteran actor Leslie Jordan recently reminisced on his methods.

Over the weekend, "Will & Grace" actor Leslie Jordan shared a clip on his Instagram page where he spoke about the quarantine period and how it affected his career.

2020 has been quite the eventful year, with the novel coronavirus pandemic forcing many to stay in their homes and quarantine with their loved ones. For actors, this means being unable to go out and work.

Leslie Jordan talks about his viral quarantine comedy videos with Access on youtube | Photo: Youtube/access


However, Jordan found an interesting way to stay relevant. He turned to social media and was simply himself, posting memes and ranting about everyday stuff.

Somehow, this made him even more of a sensation. His relatable content and old-man charm immediately caught on. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Jordan explained:

"I'm the only person that just used the pandemic to go to new heights… I just started doing funny things on Instagram and [amassed] 5.5 million followers."


Jordan added that things had gotten very interesting for him as his videos drew reactions from several parts of the celebrity world. He was not wrong.

As Entertainment Tonight noted, several celebrities, including Andy Cohen, Octavia Spencer, and Michelle Pfeiffer, have appeared in Jordan's comment section.

Despite the attention he now gets, Jordan admitted that it could become too much.


The Instagram videos were not what made Jordan famous, of course. The actor is a veteran, being in the movie industry for over three decades.

In that time, he has had several adventures. For instance, the actor revealed earlier this year that he once shared a jail cell with "Iron Man" star Robert Downey Jr. 


One of the American actor's best-known roles is as Beverly Leslie in the 1998 sitcom "Will & Grace." The show aired its final episode this year, just in time for the lockdown.

With a little break before his next project, Jordan found Instagram, and his fame has skyrocketed since then. It truly is a classic tale of good fortune. Despite the attention he now gets, Jordan admitted that it could become too much.

As Jordan explained in his interview, he is pretty old and just wants to take a nap. The "Will & Grace" actor added that he wished this fame came when he was in his twenties.

Despite the seemingly late timing, however, he plans to stick with his Instagram videos. Jordan has taken on several personas in his Instagram videos. Fans would want to see what he does next.


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