Houston Officer Killed 2 Weeks before His Retirement after Responding to Domestic Violence Call

Christell Fatima M. Tudtud
Oct 27, 2020
12:30 P.M.
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A Houston police officer who was retiring from service in two weeks was killed after responding to a domestic violence report in Houston, Texas.

Houston Police Sergeant Harold Preston succumbed to gunshot wounds after his encounter with longtime criminal Elmer Manzano at an apartment complex in Houston, Texas. 

The 65-year-old police officer, who suffered multiple wounds on his head and spine, was surrounded by his family when he took his final breath. Also wounded during a domestic disturbance call was HPD Officer Courtney Waller.

A black-and-white picture of police officers giving a hand salute to their fallen colleague. | Photo: Pixabay



Preston, who served the police for 41 years, was given a special motorcade tribute. Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo shared that Preston's death was a great loss to the whole Houston police department. He said

"We have lost a wonderful human being."

Acevedo said that Preston was a good cop and that they will surely miss him. Meanwhile, Police Officer Courtney Waller, Preston's companion during the encounter, suffered an injury in his arm and is being treated at a local hospital.



Acevedo recalled that the police department received a call about a domestic violence disturbance at 8 in the morning on October 20. Waller, the veteran police officer,  and another unidentified officer responded to the scene.

At a parking lot, they met Manzano’s estranged wife who wanted to move out of the apartment. About past 9 in the morning, the police officers were received by the suspect’s 14-year-old  son at the door and warned them that his father had a gun. 

Manzano reportedly opened fire hitting Waller, Preston, and their other companion, which led to a brief stand-off between him and the police officers. Many apartment dwellers were frightened by the situation and one of them sought police help.



Manzano was put behind bars after he surrendered himself to the police. He was sent to Ben Taub Hospital after sustaining a wound in his abdomen.

The suspect’s 14-year-old son also suffered a gunshot wound and was sent to the Texas Children's Hospital for medical treatment. He will stay in the hospital until he can fully recover from his injury.

Though his last act of service was done out of his duty, Johnson’s heroic deed was classified as a line of duty death.



The incident was the latest in a series of deaths involving police officers in recent months. Earlier, Arson investigator Lemuel Bruce of the Houston Fire Department was killed by a suspected arsonist

Meanwhile, Sivad Johnson, a 26-year firefighter veteran from the Detroit Fire Department who died while saving three girls from drowning in the river in August, was honored by city officials.

Many residents, including Mayor Mike Duggan, were deeply moved by Johnson’s action. Though his last act of service was done out of his duty, Johnson’s heroic deed was classified as a line of duty death. 


Heroes do come in different sizes. Aside from the selfless police officers, a six-year-old boy captured people's hearts after he rescued his little sister from a charging dog in Wyoming last July.

Without hesitation, Bridger leaped into action and saved his little sister’s life. He suffered injuries in his head. His courageous act caught the attention of Hollywood celebrities Mark Ruffalo and Octavia Spencer.


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