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Daily Joke: A Magician and a Parrot Were Together on a Cruise Ship

Afouda Bamidele
Nov 08, 2020
07:20 A.M.
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Today's #jokeoftheday is about a dubious magician who performed on a cruise ship with a parrot that repeatedly exposed him until they both got into trouble.


A magician got the chance of a lifetime to perform on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. It was an easy job for him because the audience changed every week, so he didn't have to put in so much effort to come up with an exciting piece.

All he had to do was repeat the set of tricks every week. He did this over and over again and was so close to getting away with it until the captain's parrot interfered.

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The smart pet, who was on board weekly, noticed that it was a case of rinse and repeat and, after studying the magician long enough, understood what he did in every trick. Every time the magician would perform something, the parrot would scream in the middle of the show, pointing out the hacks. It would say things like:

"Look, it's not the same hat! Look, he's hiding the flowers under the table! Hey, why are all the cards the Ace of Spades?"

A photo of a magician in a stage costume with a parrot. | Photo: Shutterstock


The magician realized he was soon running out of luck but couldn't do anything to the annoying pet because, of course, it belonged to the captain. Nevertheless, he kept recycling his tricks until one fateful day when the ship had an accident and sank.

The magician luckily was alive. He found himself floating on a piece of wood in the middle of the ocean. He turned to the side, and to his greatest disappointment, the parrot was there.


With contempt in their faces, they looked at each other sternly and for a long time without saying a single word. They kept at it for days, almost a week before the parrot broke the silence. It said:

"Okay, I give up. What'd you do with the boat?"


Another hilarious joke is about two close friends, Jim and Pail, who went to the bank to make a transaction when they got caught in a devastating armed robbery operation.

Two robbers burst into the bank and began taking money from the tellers. The other members of the gang focused on the customers and lined them up against the wall while taking their wallets, jewelry, and gadgets.


As this is happening, Jim looks around and when he noticed that the robbers weren't paying attention to him slid something in his friend's trousers pocket. Paul, who had his hands high in the air, didn't bother to look down before asking Jim what he slipped into his pocket.

Jim responded, "It's that $59 that I owe you." If you enjoyed these jokes, click here to read a funny one about a couple who asked a priest for help with having children.

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