November 05, 2020

LisaRaye McCoy's Granddaughter Bella Warms Hearts in Video of Her Trick or Treating with Family

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American actress, model, and fashion designer LisaRaye McCoy posted a heartwarming video of her granddaughter on her Instagram feed. The little girl was seen going trick or treating with her family. 

In a recent Instagram post, Bella Rae, granddaughter of famous American actress and model LisaRaye McCoy, looked adorable as she went trick or treating with her family. 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the family celebrated Halloween in their large home. It was a blissful time since the outing was beautifully recreated inside the four walls for the little girl. 

LisaRaye McCoy attends the premiere of Columbia Pictures' "Bad Boys For Life" at TCL Chinese Theatre on January 14, 2020 in Hollywood, California. I Photo: Getty Images.


In the video, Bella was prepping up with her mother, who was casually dressed in a blue shirt and orange shorts, while McCoy videotaped in the background. 

The adorable child was clad in a colorful, shimmering mermaid-shaped dress with puffy shoulders. She completed the look with matching purple shoulder-length gloves, a shining crown, and a glittering wand. 


In one moment, McCoy, dressed in a hot glittering body-hugging emerald maxi-dress, posed in the mirror for a selfie with Bella. The pair, both regally dressed, struck quite the pose. 

The three-minute video showed the little girl knocking on doors as she went from room to room for treats. Taking part in the fun time, each room occupant gifted her several items ranging from dollar bills to bags of savory sweets. 

The pair called it quits after two years, and she later revealed she married him without being in love. 


As she laughed and had a good time, it was hard not to notice that yesterday's cute baby was growing into an adorable active young child. One can almost remember the grandiose baby shower her mother, Kai Morai, threw four years ago. 

The sweet private bash was held in September 2016 at the flamboyant House of Macau in Los Angeles. It was a celebration filled with family and friends, including Elise Neal, screenwriter Stacy Little John, and Kai Morai’s longtime boyfriend, Joe. 


Kai Morai is McCoy’s only daughter, born in 1989 to the motivational speaker and entrepreneur Kenji Pace. The pair were never married, but they maintained a civil relationship because of their daughter. 

The star has found herself in several relationships over the years. Her last marriage was to former Turks and Caicos Prime Minister Michael Misick in 2006. The pair called it quits after two years, and she later revealed she married him without being in love. 


The same cannot be said for her sister, rapper Da Brat, who is currently dating entrepreneur Jesseca Dupart. In an interview, McCoy revealed that she played a part in their meeting and added that she was happy her sister was “living in her truth.” 

The star is not just a good mother and sister but also a skilled actress who has shown prowess in the entertainment industry. Featuring in several shows such as “In the House” and “Martin,” and the film "The Players Club," the star has stamped her name across many hearts.