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Daily Joke: An 80-Year-Old Man Has Never Been Married

Joe Akins
Nov 11, 2020
02:30 P.M.
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An 80-year old man who just got married and had his honeymoon shocked his friend when he told him that he and his wife made love almost every day.


An 80-year-old man had never been married before. One day he met a beautiful 75-year-old woman, and they fell in love with each other immediately.

After they got to know each other, they decided that they were going to get married. After they tied the knot, they went to a beautiful tropical island for their honeymoon.

An elderly couple in love holding hands. I Image: Pixabay


When they got back home, the man's friend was excited to know how the honeymoon went. The eighty-year-old excitedly gushed all about the magical honeymoon to his eager friend.

He started by telling him how beautiful everything was, the sun, the sand, and how they made love almost every night. This, of course, was surprising to the friend who couldn't fathom how that was possible, especially cause of his friend's age.

An empty doble bed with linen sheets in the middle of the night. I Photo: Pixabay


Before he could go any further, his friend interrupted him, confused as to how they could have possibly made love almost every night. The 80-year-old explained:

"Oh we almost made love on Monday, we almost made love on Tuesday…"

Here is another joke about another elderly man. An elderly man lay helpless in his bed, slowly dying. While he was in so much pain, he suddenly caught the aroma of his favorite chocolate chip biscuits wafting temptingly up the stairs.

A photo of a senior couple dancing and smiling while cooking together in kitchen. | Photo: Shutterstock


Unable to resist the tantalizing smell, the elderly man slowly gathered his remaining strength and got up from his bed. As he leaned against the wall for support, he made his way down the stairs.

When he finally got to the kitchen, he was shocked by what he saw. It was as though he stepped right into heaven. All over the counter were hundreds of his favorite chocolate chip biscuits.

A tray full full of chocolate-chips biscuits on a kitchen table. I Image: Pixabay


He could not help himself. He reached right for the table with a weak and aged hand to pick up a biscuit when suddenly, his wife smacked his hand with a spatula. She said:

"Stay out of those. They're for the funeral."

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