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November 16, 2020

Carrie Ann Inaba Reveals 'The Talk' Is Looking for a New Co-host after Eve Announced Exit

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"The Talk" star Carrie Ann Inaba took some time to reflect on the show's latest episode as she made it known that the TV show was scouting for a new host following Eve's decision to leave.

Carrie Ann Inaba's reflection about some of her fellow hosts on "The Talk" had her talking about their decision to exit the show. As it is, the show's hosts Eve and Marie Osmond, are preparing to leave. 

Last week, Eve made it known that she would be rounding up her four-season stint on the show by December. The rapper's news came in a few months after singer Marie Osmond made a similar decision.

TV Personality Carrie Ann Inaba at Hallmark's "Home & Family" at Universal Studios Hollywood on May 3, 2019 | Photo: Getty Images


Inaba noted that it was heartbreaking for her because she and her fellow hosts had a close-knit relationship. She went on as she hinted that Eve was starting a family and loving where she was at present. She said about the music star:  

"We miss her. We haven't hugged her for a long time and today it was her birthday episode at 'The Talk' and it was a bummer to not be with her…"


While Inaba, 52, shared that no one could replace Eve, she listed off some qualities he would love in the next person to grace "The Talk" studios. She mentioned that the person had to be up to date about global situations, passionate, and a good team player.

Just like Eve, Marie Osmond is also wrapping up her stay on CBS's "The Talk," after one season.


During her announcement, Eve, 52, noted that her decision was unanimous because she could not possibly co-host from London, where she resides with her spouse, Maximillion Cooper. 

The distance issue was brought up due to the novel Coronavirus pandemic. The "Who's That Girl?" rapper went on to gush over her fellow hosts who have become good friends. She addressed them saying:

"This is one of the hardest decisions in the world because I wish I hated one of you, but I don't. I have had the most beautiful experience. I've grown as a woman, as a person…"


Just like Eve, Marie Osmond is also wrapping up her stay on CBS's "The Talk," after one season. On social media, Osmond made it known that she and her spouse would get more time together as their last two kids headed to college. 

The reality star also showed gratitude to "The Talk's" former showrunner, James Redman, while adding that she was excited about their other projects together. 

Other stars who have left the TV show, "The Talk" over the years include Holly Robinson Pete, Leah Remini, Marrissa Jaret Winokur, and Sara Gilbert among others.