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Adorable Baby Caught on Camera by Her Mom Dancing to Lullaby Instead of Sleeping (Video)

Oyin Balogun
Jan 06, 2021
08:50 A.M.
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An eleven-month-old toddler was caught on camera by her young mother, Chanè Milner-Joseph, dancing to a lullaby instead of sleeping. Chanè decided to share the video on Twitter, and it has since gone viral.


Chanè Milner-Joseph took to Twitter to share with fans a short clip of her delightful daughter dancing gleefully to a lullaby playing in the background. Her mother captioned the post:

"Instead of sleeping to her lullaby, she wants to dance to it?"

Eleven-month-old baby whose crib dancing stunt went viral | Photo: Twitter/ChaneEmJay


The short clip showed the toddler in white nightwear as she stared at the camera wide-eyed, in her white crib, obviously not ready to go to bed. The cute video captivated enthusiasts who left many adorable comments to show it.

While on her feet, the chubby infant held on to the rail of the crib as she smiled, exposing her milk teeth while moving her waist vigorously.


The lovely clip which was posted on October 23 engaged fans and attracted over 25k retweets and 1.9m views as the little one's display caught a lot of fan's fancies.

Lily from Lebanon smashed mind-blowing moves at her pre-school graduation at Lebanon Presbyterian School.

The 27-year-old single mother explained to Daily Mail that she had laid down little Rae for bed and turned on her bedtime lullaby, but the little girl decided on a different course of action.


However, the mother of one said she was not surprised as her daughter had taken to dancing on several other occasions, such as when she's eating, playing with toys, or when she hears a melodic tune.

Chanè added that her little daughter, Chyla Rae, is a happy little child with a great personality and soul and who loves dancing.

But that's not all about adorable dancing scenes. A toddler in a denim jacket and a diaper also made waves when he interrupted his siblings' Tiktok video, confidently showing off his moves.


A New Orleans family posted the viral video with the handle @Forbes_Gang. The clip revealed two young children attempting a #Renegrade challenge, but their baby brother Kyng Blanchard refused to be left out.

During his siblings' synchronized dance, Kyng walks in confidently and stands directly in front of them, bouncing up and down in his cute Nike sneakers.

The charming trend continued when Lily from Lebanon smashed mind-blowing moves at her pre-school graduation at Lebanon Presbyterian School.

The video which was posted on Facebook went viral and had over 350k shares. Lily's custodial grandmother, Martina Blair, who posted the video, was proud of the little girl she called her hysterical blessing.