November 14, 2020

Formula One 2021 Race Schedule Released as New Season Is Set for March in Melbourne

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Formula One released a provisional calendar for the 2021 season, and it comes packed with a record-breaking number of races that are sure to get fans excited. 

Formula One unveiled the provisional calendar for its 2021 season on Tuesday, November 10. The details of the new season calendar show that there will be 23 race events. 

That is a record for the number of race events in a season in Formula 1's history, but it is not all that there is to note in what promises to be a spectacular F1 season. Here are some of the headlines from the 2021 F1 provisional calendar's unveiling. 

A Red Bull RB11 during the 2015 Formula One Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi. | Photo: Flickr



The novel coronavirus led to a reduction in the number of races for the 2020 season. However, the 2021 season will take on a more familiar look and will come with additional venues. 

It was challenging for Formula 1 to put together the new calendar due to the pandemic, but there are measures to ensure it is safe for everyone involved. The 2021 season will begin in Australia on March 21 and end on December 5 in Abu Dhabi. 



For long, the F1 season always began in Australia. However, that was not the case in 2020 due to the season opener's cancellation after McLaren withdrew following a positive COVID-19 test within their team. 

However, with the new 2021 calendar, things will go back to normal, with Melbourne's beautiful Albert Park ready to kick off the new racing season, which will be a huge boost for Victoria



The 2021 season promises a packed schedule with two triple headers on the calendar. One of those triple headers is in Europe, while a more demanding schedule sees triple headers that span three countries, Russia, Singapore, and Japan. 

There will be six races in seven weeks at one point next season. Drivers and fans got used to the triple headers in the ongoing 2020 season after COVID-19 forced Formula 1 to make some tricky decisions. 



The 2021 calendar sees Saudi Arabia making its F1 debut, becoming the 33rd country to host a Formula 1 race. The nation's biggest city, Jeddah, will host the penultimate round of the championship. 

Plans for the final layout of the Jeddah race are yet to be confirmed, but it is likely to be situated on the Corniche coastal resort area of the city. The race is also set to take place at night. 



Red Bull's Dutch driver Max Verstappen will finally get the chance to compete in his first Grand Prix in his home country after COVID-19 caused a cancellation of the event this year. 

However, the 2021 calendar sees a return of the event. Netherland's Grand Prix is scheduled to hold in Zandvoort in September and will give the driver the opportunity to thrill his home fans. 



The provisional 2021 F1 calendar has generated a host of reactions among pundits due to the record number of races set to hold. Some of the pundits questioned the races' schedule's ambiguity. 

George Russell, a driver for Williams, said the calendar would put a strain on engineers and mechanics and would mean they are away from their families for weeks. He also said smaller teams would need more help if the calendar is going to increase. 


Russell noted that he wants to race as much as possible but that the scheduling needs to be sensible, while there needs to be a good compromise for the workers as they also have families. 

The 2020 season F1 season is still going on, but the newly unveiled 2021 season calendar means that drivers and fans are already looking forward to the new season with so much excitement. Let the races begin!


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