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Former Liverpool Player John Barnes Has a Beautiful Second Wife Andrea Barnes — Meet Her

Stephen Thompson
Nov 14, 2020
04:30 P.M.
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A large number of Hollywood celebrities are known to get married multiple times. John Barnes is not an exception as he has been married twice, but his second marriage seems to be going on quite well.

The second time seems to be the charm for former Liverpool player John Barnes, where marriage is concerned. This time around, it seems like Barnes has found his happily ever after.

The player who was initially married to Suzy Barnes now has a beautiful second wife with whom he's building a family. Here's a little about her.

Former footballer John Barnes, with wife Andrea and daughters Isabella and Tia, who joined patients from Great Ormond Street Hospital at the Disney store in Oxford Street, London on November 4, 2009 | Photo: Getty Images



John split from his first wife, Suzie, in 2001 after ten years of marriage and four children - Jamie, Jemma, Jasmine, and Jordan.

Five years later, the star brought Andrea Barnes into the picture and they tied the knot in 2006. Their love seems to be waxing strong as the former Liverpool player has nothing but praises for her.



After her wedding to Barnes, Andrea became a proud mother of three children, daughters Isabelle and Tia, and son, Alexander, aged 6, 10 and 12, respectively.

John said he ruptured his patella while playing volleyball on his son Jamie's wedding day, and so, he had to stop playing sports.

The young father gushed when Andrea was pregnant with their third child together, which was his seventh child. The star was 47 at the time, and he said he felt good to be a father again.



During Barnes' appearance on the "Celebrity Big Brother" show in 2018, he communicated how supportive his wife Andrea was after he entered an all-female house.

The star further explained that she was fine with his career path and believed it involved a friendly zone where he debated with his housemate, Ann Widdecombe. Her support seemed to be stretched more in recent times with Barnes' freak injury.



Andrea's support stands strong as she stayed with the football legend during his challenging times after a freak injury at his son's wedding over two years ago.

John said he ruptured his patella while playing volleyball on his son Jamie's wedding day, and so, he had to stop playing sports.

The former "Strictly" star also shared that he would have to do a rethink on taking on reality shows, as his knee still hurt from climbing staircases.

There is, however, a silver lining as the 56-year-old father said that as long as he hit the gym, jogged, and kept fit, he would be fine.