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Three Hilarious Jokes about Owning a Pet

Odette Odendaal
Jan 10, 2021
01:40 A.M.
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Pets bring joy to the lives of their owners and often with humorous consequences when unexpected circumstances arise. The following three pet owners are funny examples. Enjoy!


A parrot, a dog, and a pet pig played instrumental roles in the funny situations their owners faced. Albeit very different, it just goes to show how the impact on our lives can have no limit.


On a crisp and clear morning, two salesmen found themselves at the door of a lady who held no love for the door-to-door kind.

She slammed the door in their faces when the pair introduced themselves, grumbling that she had no interest in buying, but then a weird thing happened. The door swung open.

A pet pot belly pig staring at the camera. | Source: Pixabay.


The woman tried slamming the door shut a second time, but again, it sprang open. The two salesmen looked at each other and back at the door in shock.

The third time, the salesmen could see the lady was really going to put her back into it, and before she could give it a good launch, the one salesman exclaimed:

"Before you slam the door again, you might want to move your pet potbelly pig first."


Jack fixed up a neat entertainment area in his spacious backyard, and his neighbor, Bob, had come over to check it out while planning on watching sports together.


Before kick-off, Jack's dog came over to the couch for some attention, and the pair started talking about their furry friends.

A Pug Dog cosily wrapped in a blanket. | Source: Pixabay.


Bob gave Jack's dog a smiling glance before he said, "You know, Jack, my dog is really smart. By the time I wake up in the morning, my darling. Daisy had already gone to the store to get my cream cheese bagel and mocha latte. As soon as she comes back in, she turns on the TV."

Jack gave a nod and added, "Yeah, I know." Surprised, Bob asked him how he knew, to which Jack replied, "My dog told me."


Matthew had been a first-time parrot owner for a week when things suddenly changed. The initial excitement wore off when his new companion started swearing like a sailor. Nonetheless, he set about altering the bird's choice of words using various methods, but to no avail.


A portrait picture of a blue and gold macaw. | Source: Pixabay.

Out of desperation, he grabbed the parrot the next time it started swearing and put him in the freezer. Standing by the door, Matthew could hear the parrot swearing and kicking around, but then, everything suddenly went quiet.


A quick open of the freezer revealed the parrot round-eyed and immediately apologetic. Stepping out of the freezer, the parrot said: "I apologize for my crude behavior. I'm sorry. Please forgive me; I won't do it again."

A facial close up of a macaw. | Source: Pixabay.


The surprise turn of events left Matthew speechless, and before he could utter the question already written on his face, the parrot asked, "If you don't mind me asking, what did the chicken do?"

In a related joke about pets, one owner landed in a precarious situation because of his dog. When the man came home one day, he found that his beloved dog caught one of his neighbor's rabbits.

They were no ordinary rabbits. His neighbor bred with them and took them to special shows, and the man knew he would have to resort to drastic measures to ensure he escapes the neighbor's wrath. Click on the link to see.