November 30, 2020

Daily Joke: A Girl Wanted a Baby Brother So Badly

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A little girl prayed every night for a baby brother but soon stopped because she believed her prayers were not answered. A few months later, her mother welcomed a set of twin boys, making the girl believe God heard her prayers.

A little girl named Suzie told her parents she wanted a baby brother, so her father told her to pray about it every night before going to bed.

Based on her dad's advice, Suzie prayed earnestly every night. She did this for a while, but it seemed as though her prayers went unanswered. 

Photo of a young girl praying | Photo: Pexels


The little girl continued praying every night, but after a few weeks, she gave up and stopped praying about it. She also did not bother to ask her parents about it. A few months later, Suzie's father told her they would see her mother in the hospital, where she would get a big surprise.

At the hospital, little Suzie saw her mom lying in bed while holding two babies. Her father then asked her how she feels about having twin brothers. Shocked and surprised, the little girl replied:

 "I bet you're glad I stopped praying when I did!"

Photo of a little girl smiling. | Photo: Unsplash


Enjoyed that joke? Here's another one about a group of school children who went on an excursion to a local police station.

After getting to the station, many of the kids were fascinated by the wanted posters on the wall and could not stop staring at them.

The front of a police station in Kingstown pictured. | Photo: Pixabay.


Being a bold little boy, Little Johnny raised his hand to ask the police officer guiding them through the station who the people in the posters were.

 The police officer replied to him by explaining to the group that the people in the posters were criminals they were looking for so they could arrest them. He also told the children the posters were called wanted posters.

A boy at school. | Photo: Pixabay


Though the police officer had answered his question, Johnny was still confused and soon raised his hand again. This time, he asked:

"Why didn't you just keep them when you took their pictures?"

A boy in the classroom. | Photo: Pexels

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