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Daily Joke: A Man and His Wife Were Having Problems

Junie Sihlangu
Dec 06, 2020
05:20 A.M.
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Sometimes romantic relationships need a little help when things get tough, and one couple realized this when they were down. However, the husband in the relationship didn’t seem to be grasping the lessons taught.


One day, a husband and wife realized that they were going through some problems in their love life and decided to reach out for help. They went to see a marriage counselor with the hope that the professional could assist.

The husband and wife went through for a couple of visits. During these sessions, the counselor asked them different questions, listened to the answers, and finally settled on a solution.

A young woman and her man having problem in their relationship | Photo: Shutterstock/Kamil Macniak


In one of the sessions, the counselor did something quite uncanny. He got up, walked over to the man’s wife, and asked her to stand up from the couch before giving her a good warm hug.

The counselor turned around and explained what he had done to the husband. He confidently informed the married man:

“This is what your wife needs, at least once a day.”

A married couple sitting together in a psychologist office sharing opinions and experiences | Photo: Shutterstock/Roman Chazov


Frowning at the suggestion, the husband relented by sighing. He then spoke up softly to the marriage counselor saying:

“Alright, what time do you want me to bring her back tomorrow?”

A man comforting someone by embracing her gently | Photo: Shutterstock/Antonio Guillem


In another story, an elderly man and a woman lived together in an aged care home. He was a widower and she was a widow and they’d known each other for many years before ending up at the home.

One evening, the home hosted a community dinner at the activity center. The widower and widow happened to be seated across from each other at the same table for the event.

A happy senior couple hanging out together in a park | Photo: Shutterstock/Ruslan Huzau


The elderly man kept stealing admiring glances at the woman as the evening proceeded. Eventually, he got tired of being a coward and found the courage to ask her to marry him.

The next morning, the old man couldn’t recall what answer the woman had given him.

The elderly woman paused a bit for several seconds to carefully consider his request. Ultimately, she agreed to the proposal saying yes with a promise to always be his.

A close-up portrait of a happy senior couple posing at a home | Photo: Shutterstock/Ruslan Huzau


The event eventually ended and the man and woman exchanged a few pleasantries before going off to their individual spaces. The next morning the old man couldn’t recall what answer was that the woman had given him.

He just wasn’t sure if she’d said yes or no to his proposal. Not remembering at all, he decided to call her and confessed to his memory not being as great as it used to be.

A waist up portrait of an old happy man and woman sharing a joke together | Photo: Shutterstock/Olena Yakobchuk


Without jumping straight into his burning question, he first shared with her what he did remember about the night before. As he spoke about it, he finally found the courage to ask her to repeat her answer to his proposal.

She responded by telling him that she’d said yes and insisted that she’d meant it with all her heart. The widow, however, also confessed that she was glad he’d called because she couldn’t remember who’d asked her.