December 04, 2020

Fantasia Barrino's Husband Shares Ultrasound Video of the Beating Heart of Their Baby — Take a Look

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Singer Fantasia Barrino's husband Kendall Taylor shared a video on his Instagram page showing the ultrasound of their baby's beating heart. 

About a week ago, Fantasia Barrino and her husband Kendall Taylor announced they are having a baby. The couple has followed that up with a video showing the ultrasound of their baby's beating heart. 

In an Instagram post on Thursday, Taylor shared a video showing the baby's ultrasound. The sound of the baby's beating heart could be heard clearly. 

Singer Fantasia Barrino attends the 2016 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater on June 26, 2016. | Photo: Getty Images


Taylor and his wife were in the background with the doctor. The expectant father laughed delightfully as he listened to his baby's heartbeat and watched the ultrasound. Barrino also said, "Thank you, Jesus." 

When the doctor paused the ultrasound, she said it sounded great while Barrino laughed. In the caption to the post, Taylor was full of gratitude to God and wrote

"Speechless: @tasiasword (FYI: Little concern with knowing 'where' our doc is because it's the 'when' that protects my family at all times- Salute!)."


Fans of the couple shared in their happiness and congratulated Taylor. One fan said the sound of a baby's heartbeat from the ultrasound is beautiful, while another fan prayed for the couple. 

Taylor and his wife revealed they were expecting their first child while appearing on Instagram Live. They said they had experienced some challenges in trying to conceive but were able to do so naturally. 

Taylor encouraged families struggling with fertility issues to never worry about what the doctors or their spouses say. 


Barrino said they never stopped trying to conceive before standing up to reveal her baby bump. Taylor then kissed her baby bump and screamed that they were having a baby. 

Barrino then said she was finally free after she tried to hide the pregnancy from her fans for as long as she could. She advised her fans to keep waiting on God, saying her infertility issues were beginning to depress her as she was told her tube was closed. 


Taylor also narrated some of the things he and his wife faced while trying to conceive. He said doctors wanted to do artificial insemination and in-vitro. However, Taylor told them he knew what God showed him concerning having a baby. 

Taylor encouraged families struggling with fertility issues to never worry about what the doctors or their spouses say but always believe in God. 


Barrino and Taylor share a beautiful relationship. They got married in 2015 before marrying for a second time on Christmas Day in 2016. The singer has been open about how Taylor changed her life. 

After struggling with several issues in her past relationships and surviving a suicide attempt, she knew Taylor was the one for her after he offered to pray for her when they met. 

This will be Barrino's third child. She has a daughter, Zion, who she had as a teenager, and a son, Dallas Xavier, born in 2011, whom she shares with her ex, Antwaun Cook.