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Monica Lewinsky Supports Olivia Jade Amid College Admissions Scam as She Compares Experiences

Laura Beatham
Dec 10, 2020
02:15 P.M.
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Monica Lewinsky supported Olivia Jade in a tweet saying that she deserved a second chance in relation to the Giaunnli family's involvement in the college admission scam as she knows what it is like to make a mistake as a 20-year-old. 


Monica Lewinsky compared her and Olivia Jade's situations in support of the YouTuber, saying that no one should be judged for mistakes they made in their early 20s and that she was deserving of a second chance.

Lewinsky's tweet came after Olivia sat down with Jada Pinket Smith on the "Red Table Talks" to discuss the college admissions scandal and her involvement in it. Lewinsky credited the host for creating an authentic circle. 


Olivia Jade's parents were recently convicted of paying Rick singer $500 000 dollars to get her and her sister, Isabella admitted into the University of Southern California. 

Lewinsky tweet received mixed reviews from fans, one user tweeted that Lewinsky's perspective of the situation had changed her own, continuing to say that if people expect second chances they must allow second chances to others, 

“That actually made me think twice about my harsh judgment of her and her family. You’re right; if we’d like to be afforded second chances we have to allow for others to have them as well.”


Of course, there will always be negative criticism to balance the positive. A few tweeter users voiced their anger that Olivia was receiving so much support from the internet in general. 

One Twitter user was surprised to see Lewinsky advocating for "the extremely wealthy and privileged." Further saying that Lewinsky and Olivia's past mistakes were in no way similar. 

Monica Lewinsky was an intern at the White House when the affair started.


Olivia who is well knowledgeable in using social media to create a fan base and connect with her audience has not been active on her account, but she did like Lewinsky's supportive tweet.

Lewinsky made reference to her own affair sandal with Bill Clinton when she was a young White House unpaid intern in her tweet as she said she was someone who knew about making mistakes in their 20s, 

"I hope she gets the second chance she deserves. I'm saying this as someone who really knows about mistakes in one’s early 20’s."


Monica Lewinsky was an intern at the White House when the affair started, it lasted 18 months and she testified that there had been multiple sexual encounters between herself and Clinton. 

The famous words "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" have followed Lewinsky, and she said she has experienced much pain and humiliation because of all the proceedings of the situation. 


However, she is set to produce a series of American Crime Stories based on what happened. She will finally be apart of the telling of her story which she is usually left out of. 

Olivia Jade's parents, Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giaunnli are currently serving their prison sentence and are likely to be released at the end of the year. The sisters are in for a holiday season without their parents.