Daily Joke: Man Asks His Brother to Do Him a Favor — He Didn't Expect What Came Next

Afouda Bamidele
Dec 19, 2020
04:20 P.M.

Today’s #jokeoftheday is about a man who was traveling away and asked his brother to do him a favor. Little did he know what he was in for something greater than he could handle.


A man named Mick was preparing to travel wat for a business trip. He wasn’t sure how long it would last and was worried about how his pregnant wife would fare. She was close to her due date, but unfortunately, it wasn’t a trip they could postpone.

Mick decided to seek the help of his brother. The day before he traveled, he invited his brother, Paddy, over to his home to discuss. He explained to Paddy what was going on and asked him to do him a might favor.

A photo of a man at the airport waiting for his flight. | Photo: Pexels

A photo of a man at the airport waiting for his flight. | Photo: Pexels

Mick said to his brother, “I’m going on a business trip soon, and if my wife gives birth while I’m away, I want you, dear brother, to name the twins.” Paddy excitedly took up the responsibility.

He assured Mick that he would be honored to step in and take care of his pregnant sister-in-law. Mick traveled, and a month after he went away, Paddy called him to give him updates about his expecting wife. He said:


“Hello Mick, your wife’s given birth to a boy and a girl, they’re beautiful.”

Mick was thrilled and yelled over the phone in excitement. He thanked Paddy for taking care of his family and asked what names were given to his bundles of joy. Paddy gleefully answered, "I called the girl Denise.”

Mick was happy and gushed over how beautiful the name was and then asked about his son’s name. Paddy then replied, “I called the boy, De-nephew.”


Another hilarious joke tells the story of two elderly widows named Sally and Esther, who were lodged at a hotel and came across an elderly quiet man who piqued their interest.

Esther liked him but wasn’t brave enough and asked her friend to please talk to the man while he was alone at the pool. Ally went ahead and spoke to the man, asking him why he was looking lonely.

The man said he was lonely because he just got released from prison after serving a 20-year sentence. She asked what his offense was, and he said he killed his third wife.

Sally then asked him what happened to his second wife, and the man answered, saying he shot her. She again inquired about his first wife, and he said they had a fight and she fell off a tall building.


Sally turned to her friend, who was seated at the other side of the pool with an eager look, before saying, “Yoo-hoo, Esther, he’s single!”

What do you think of these jokes? If you enjoyed them, click here to read about a woman watching a grandfather and his grandson at the supermarket.

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