Here's How New Yorkers Reacted to the First Big Snow Storm the City Has Seen in Years

As New York continues to experience its first big snowstorm in years, many of the city's residents are sharing their experiences on social media. 

The current snowstorm hitting New York City was foretold, but no one would ever have thought it would be this big. So far, the winter storm has dropped more snow in some parts of the Northeast than all of last year's winter. 

The powerful snowstorm promised heavy snow in the region and delivered on its promise and has created deadly road conditions in the Northeast. 

An image of a snowy city | Photo: Getty Images

An image of a snowy city | Photo: Getty Images

New York residents have responded to the snowstorm by sharing their experiences on social media, posting pictures and videos showing the storm's effects. 

One Instagram user shared a picture of himself posing on the streets of New York, standing on the snow, clad in a red jacket, gray pants, and brown boots. He captioned his post: 

"The first real snowfall in New York 2020 ?."

Another Instagram user shared a picture showing a street in New York covered in snow. One user posted a photo showing a sidewalk covered in snow, with the lights in the snapshot showing that the snow was still falling.

...they must take caution as the storm is also causing havoc on roads.

A video post by "New York World" showed glimpses of several streets in the city. The video gave evidence of how much the snow had devastated the city. 

All the roads and train tracks were covered in snow, causing traffic as motorists had to drive slowly. However, some people saw it as an opportunity to skate with their snowboards, while others took their pets for a snow walk. 

A female photographer shared a video that showed a glimpse of Times Square. In the video, she enjoyed every bit of the snowstorm, swirling round and round as she embraced her first snowstorm in Times Square. 

New York Street Capture shared a video of someone winding down the glass window of their car to show an SUV drive slowly through a street covered in snow.

In the video's caption, New York Street Capture tagged the snowstorm as the season of the year. Another Instagram user shared another glimpse of the New York Streets, showing the high-rise buildings with bright lights and roads covered in snow. 

In the caption, the user said this is New York City's first snowstorm of the season, adding that it looks a lot like Christmas in the city. Another user shared a dramatic video that showed her walking on snow.

Though many people are excited about the snowstorm and sharing their experiences, they must take caution as the storm is also causing havoc on roads, with two deaths and multiple injuries already being reported. 

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