Daily Joke: A Man Complained of Insomnia and Asked for a Cure

Odette Odendaal
Dec 26, 2020
12:20 P.M.

After spending one too many nights staring at the ceiling, a man decided to find a cure for his insomnia. Instead, the man humorously had to come to terms with the decisions he made in his life.


A part of staying healthy includes quality sleep daily. But like 10% of American adults, Fred had been dealing with chronic insomnia, and it started affecting his daily functioning.

Fred thought insomnia was the root of all his troubles, so after an incident at the post office, he humorously decided to seek medical help for his life spiraling out of control.

Insomnia concept illustration. | Source: Freepix.

Insomnia concept illustration. | Source: Freepix.


Fred went to the post office early one morning to send off a postcard. Once there, Fred noticed that he forgot to address it because insomnia affects his memory, which made him feel rather grumpy.

With enough medical conditions to deal with as it is, Fred needed help addressing the postcard. His arthritis had flared up terribly that morning, so Fred spotted a friendly-looking man he thought would help.


"Young man, would you mind helping me? My hands are so bad this morning I can't hold the pen," Fred asked. The young man agreed with a smile and quickly wrote out a short message and the address as Fred requested.

Exterior view of a small post office. | Source: Pexels.

Exterior view of a small post office. | Source: Pexels.


Once finished, the young man asked Fred if there was anything else he could do. Fred thought this over for a moment and nodded before he replied:

"Yes, as a matter of fact there is. Can you please add another line at the end that reads, 'P.S. Please excuse the sloppy handwriting.'"

Holiday postcards with space for a message and address. | Source: Freepik.

Holiday postcards with space for a message and address. | Source: Freepik.



The young man didn't appreciate his kindness being insulted, and Fred realized that the lack of sleep was responsible for his snappy behavior, so he went to see his doctor.

Fred's doctor ordered many tests, and once the results came back, Fred found himself back at his longtime doctor's office, hopeful that he will finally get some answers.

However, when Fred's doctor assured him that his insomnia had no physical cause, the good news soon lost its silver lining. "You have to learn not to take your troubles to bed," Fred's doctor said.

A doctor consulting with his patient. | Source: Freepik.

A doctor consulting with his patient. | Source: Freepik.

As the realization set in, all Fred could do is sigh as he replied, "I am aware, but my wife refuses to sleep alone."



Little did Fred know that he was quite lucky, all things considered. In a related daily joke, an 80-year-old couple went to visit their doctor after noticing that their memory is not what it used to be.

An elderly couple looking at the boats in the water. | Source: Pexels.

An elderly couple looking at the boats in the water. | Source: Pexels.

But like Fred's doctor, the couple's physician couldn't find anything wrong with them medically, and he gave them advice on how to manage their memory loss.

But it turned out that even the best advice is only helpful when applied to the right circumstances. What seemed like a solid plan to tackle their problem, in theory, had a very different outcome in practice.

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