Daily Joke: An Elderly Couple with Memory Problems Visit a Doctor

Pedro Marrero
Oct 17, 2020
02:00 A.M.
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The doctor of this elderly husband and wife couldn’t detect how serious the couple’s memory issues were getting, leaving them in a hilarious situation that they barely were aware of.


There was an 80-year-old married couple that started to find it difficult to remember things at times, so, before it was too late, the two opted to pay a visit to a doctor to find out what they could do about it.

Upon arriving at the doctor’s office, the longtime husband and wife told the health practitioner about their memory issues, after which the specialist proceeded to give them a physical exam.

An elderly couple takes a walk together in the city. I Image: Pixabay.


Since the doctor couldn’t find any reason to worry about the elderly couple’s physical condition, all that he recommended the pair to do to address their issue was to write things down in order to remember them.

Thanking the doctor for his time and good advice, the husband and wife said goodbye to him and left his office, returning to their shared home to spend another quiet evening.


Later that night, the couple was watching TV in their living room as usual when the man got up from his chair, prompting his wife to ask him where he was going. “To the kitchen,” was the man’s answer.

The wife used the opportunity to ask her husband to bring her a bowl of ice cream after he returned from the kitchen, and recalling what the doctor said, she asked him if he wanted her to write it down for him.


Since the husband refused, claiming that he could remember just fine, the wife additionally asked him to add some strawberries on top. After also requesting whipped cream, the wife once again offered to write it down for him.

Visibly irritated, the husband insisted that he could remember how his wife wanted her ice cream, and without wasting any more time to prove it to her, he finally walked into the kitchen.


20 minutes went by, after which the elderly man came back from the kitchen to join his wife in the living room, handing the old lady a plate of bacon and eggs. Disappointed, the woman told her husband:

“You forgot my toast.”



A pastor went to visit a nursing home to visit an elderly parishioner for the first time. Once at the parishioner’s room, the religious man sat by the woman’s bed and noticed a bowl of peanuts beside it.

As time goes by, the pastor little by little eats the entire bowl of peanuts, leaving it empty by the end of his chat with the woman. Noticing this, the pastor apologized to the woman for having eaten them all.


Untroubled, the parishioner replied, “That’s okay. They would have just sat there anyway. Without my teeth, all I can do is suck the chocolate off and put them back in the bowl.”

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