December 26, 2020

Meet 'The Holiday' Child Star Miffy Englefield 14 Years after the Movie Premiered

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Rebecca Miffy Englefield hit the screens in the Christmas blockbuster movie "The Holiday" as a child star but seems to have retreated to the shadows ever since.

Although it has been fourteen years since the 2006 romantic comedy "The Holiday" hit the theatres, it is impossible to forget little Rebecca Miffy Englefield, who played Jude Law's daughter.

After breaking out from the Nancy Meyer comedy, which featured notable actors such as Jack Black, the now 21-year-old actress appeared in other British television series.

Image of a decorated Christmas tree | Photo: Pexels


Reflecting on her role in the loved series "The Holiday" during an interview in 2019, the star explained that she still gets approached by annoying and loving people about her role back when she was young.

In the early years of the Hampshire-born star, after her father gained custody of her and her siblings, Jaydyn and Ashleigh, Englefield started singing, dancing, and acting as well as directing her siblings in some family productions.


However, several years down the line, the former child star is now a barrister and has turned her focus to the punk rock scene because her father couldn't keep up with her acting career.

In more recent news, the celebrity announced her baby daughter's arrival, Frances Rosanna Lee Englefield, on Instagram three days after her birth on April 23rd.


In welcoming the baby who was born via C-section, she made a rather touching post where she thanked people for their support through the pregnancy and delivery. She added that the baby girl is blessed with a large and beautiful family.

The proud mother of one also seems to be enjoying her new look, rocking jet-black hair as opposed to her natural mousy brown look which earned her the name "Miffy."


When asked by her fans during a question and answer section if she would return to her original look, she replied quite forcefully in the negative.

Englefield added that she loved the fact that people could look at her, appreciate the difference in her appearance, her body, hair, and tattoos, and be encouraged to go after their dreams, irrespective of their appearance.

Just like Englefield, other former child stars who have had dramatic changes while growing up are Jonathan Lipnicki, who fans loved in the movie "The Little Vampire;" Mara Wilson who melted hearts in "Mrs. DoubtFire" and, Dante Basco who featured in 1991's "Hook" amongst many others.