December 23, 2020

Woman Refuses to Entertain the Idea of Helping Her Father

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The strict, intolerant, and verbally abusive father of a woman approached her after a decade apart only because he needed something very important from her and felt she had an obligation to him.

A 34-year-old woman from the Southern US region known as the “Bible Belt” because of the local influence of conservative evangelical Protestantism, recently took to the AITA thread on Reddit to ask for advice in a family issue.

The woman started by sharing that she was the daughter of a very religious Christian man that considered her a disappointment and a punishment from God because of the man’s sins of the past.

The hands of an elderly man holding a cane. | Image: Pixabay.


The woman cites as her father’s reasons to consider her “his worst nightmare,” the fact that she is a lesbian and married a black woman, and the tensions between the father and daughter are so bad that she hasn’t spoken to him in ten years.

“I never told him about anything, but he was informed by a nosy busybody from his church that I started seeing my now wife. Big fight he screamed a lot of homophobic and racist stuff, then disowned me,” the woman wrote.


But recently, the woman learned that her father had been trying to find her for a while and had managed to track down her phone number, not to apologize or anything of that sort, but to ask her to do a big sacrifice for him.

As it turns out, the woman’s father damaged his liver after years of frequent drinking of alcohol, and now he wanted to find out if she was a match to serve as a living liver donor for him.

As the woman wrote, she couldn’t believe that her father was calling her for this reason after all that went on between them a decade ago, but he insisted that it was her duty as a daughter to accept.


The woman replied by reminding her estranged father that since he had disowned her he didn’t have a daughter anymore, so it was out of place to demand such a big sacrifice from her. After the father resorted to yelling, she hung up the phone.

The woman’s wife was terribly upset to hear that the father had contacted her with such a request and without even trying to ask for an apology, and she supported her refusal to help him.


After the woman blocked her father’s number, other family members have kept calling her from different numbers to criticize her for her negative to do what her father asked, and they suggested she was going to Hell if she didn’t.

She has continued to block her family members’ numbers, but they keep calling and texting awful things to her, and although she is considering changing her phone number, she is at the same time starting to doubt herself.


“I don’t think I’m wrong at all but a lot of my extended family has a very different opinion, so now I’m starting to wonder if maybe I’m wrong,” the woman explained before turning to the Reddit users for an opinion on the subject.

According to the majority of the votes and comments from users on the AITA thread, the woman did right by refusing to help her father and to reconnect with her family, since none of them seem to actually care about her.