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Stephanie Beatriz Is Bi and Happily Married to a Man — What to Know about Her Sexuality

Stephen Thompson
Jan 01, 2021
06:30 P.M.
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Actress Stephanie Beatriz is a great actress who captured the hearts of fans with her role on the NBC show, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." Find out about her sexuality as a bi woman who is happily married to a man.


Stephanie Beatriz is best known for her role as Detective Rosa Diaz in the NBC comedy series "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." She also played Jessica in the independent drama "Short Term 12."

While many love her work, not a lot of people know about her personal life — and her sexuality. Beatriz identifies as bisexual and has been married to her husband, Brad Hoss, for two years.

Stephanie Beatriz at the premiere of Focus Features' "Emma" at DGA Theater on February 18, 2020. | Photo: Getty Images


In a 2018 GQ issue, Beatriz candidly opened up about her personal life, her sexuality and shed more light on her relationship with Hoss as a bisexual woman.

In the truthful eye-opening issue, Beatriz admitted that she was scared and nervous to marry Hoss. At the time, they had not yet tied the knot and were only planning to. The actress' tell-all began thus:

"I'm bi, and I'm getting married this fall. [...] I'm choosing to get married because this particular person brings out the best in me."


Beatriz continued, emphasizing that she is still bi despite the fact that the person who she was getting married to happened to be a man. She explained that being bi translates as a continual series of self-discovering moments of coming out to one's self.

The actress then narrated such a moment in which she noticed her overwhelming desire for Rita Moreno as she was looking through old magazines.

She understood how important representation is not just for bisexual people but especially for bisexual people of color.


She narrated how her sister warned her against telling their parents about her serious relationship with a girl. She narrated more of such moments.

Beatriz revealed that "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" producer Dan Goor brought up the idea of her character, Rosa Diaz, being bisexual and then coming out on the show.

To Beatriz, being bi means continuously having to explain a lot to people as people tend to guess her sexuality based on who she is with at the time. She once obsessed over a boy and stalked him closely.


Interestingly and luckily for Beatriz, she gets to express her sexuality not only off-screen but on-screen as well. In the fifth season, her character in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," Rosa Diaz came out to her colleagues and parents as bi. The actress spoke all about it to Vulture. She said:

"Dan Goor [producer] had some separate meetings with all the actors, asking them, 'What do you want to see yourself do this season?'"


She revealed that Goor brought up the idea of Diaz being bisexual and then coming out on the show. Beatriz was absolutely excited and agreed right away, unable to contain her joy.

In her GQ issue, she spoke about the special episodes and shared some special moments that she had with lovely fans, who, like her and her character, struggled to find their place in a world determined to shove them in the wrong boxes.


She understood how important representation is not just for bisexual people but especially for bisexual people of color. In an exclusive interview with Teen Vogue, the dark-haired bombshell emphasized how important it is to have Hollywood get representation right.

In October 2018, Beatriz finally exchanged vows with her husband, Hoss, in a private wedding with just friends, families, and co-stars. A year later, in June 2019, she took to Twitter to once again emphasize her sexuality despite being married to a man.

While Beatriz might have to explain herself to many people as time passes, the actress does not intend to stop representing and being a beacon for those out there who need her voice. Stephanie Beatriz is bi, married to a man, and incredibly happy!