Meet Hero Officers, Who Rushed to Rescue Lives during Christmas Explosion in Nashville

There is hardly any year where there is no significant accident or tragedy at Christmas. This year, it was a fire in the city of Nashville. Now, people get to see the officers who responded to the issue and brought a lasting solution to it.

Yesterday, local news reports confirmed that six Metro Police officers had gotten commendations for their proactive response to a fire in Nashville.

According to the reports, the brave officers were named Brenna Hosey, Amanda Topping, Timothy Miller, Tyler Luellen, James Wells, and Michael Sipos. They had responded to a call about gunfire while also hearing that a vehicle contained a bomb.

A picture of a police vehicle on the streets. | Photo: Pexels

A picture of a police vehicle on the streets. | Photo: Pexels

Additional reports explained that the vehicle had been parked just outside the AT&T building in Nashville. The officers eventually got to the vehicle, and they heard a pre-recorded message saying that the bomb in it would go off after fifteen minutes.

Thankfully, they got to work and managed to evacuate everyone before the bomb went off. In his commendation speech, Police Chief John Drake said:

"Immediately, they didn't think about their own lives, they didn't think about protecting themselves, they thought about the citizens of Nashville."

The Police Chief added that the officers immediately went knocking on doors and getting people out. Without their dedication and bravery, a tragedy would have unfolded.

It is also worth noting that the bomb had reportedly gone off before the local bomb squad could get on the scene. So, the officers indeed saved the day.

They had to leave their homes quickly to avoid getting hurt.

Speaking on their experience, Officer Leullen explained that he had been the first to get to the scene. He initially did not suspect the vehicle as he believed it was someone visiting for the holidays.

He eventually waited until Officer Hosey arrived and was looking to get into a nearby building. At that point, the vehicle's announcement began.

Luellen called for backup, and Officer Wells explained that he understood the urgency in his partner's voice immediately. In part, he explained:

"When we heard the announcement, Topping was like 'is that the vehicle in question?' and Luellen said yes so we immediately [...] started setting up a perimeter..."

Eventually, Officers Hosey and Sipos began evacuating apartments on the street. The evacuation happened floor-by-floor, with officers in a race against time.

Residents and onlookers have also given accounts of the incident, with many describing how they had to leave their homes quickly to avoid getting hurt. Additional investigations will go into the case to seek out the culprit.

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