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Amy Schumer Pokes Fun at Hilaria Baldwin's Controversy over Fake Accent & Spanish Heritage

Laura Beatham
Dec 29, 2020
06:50 P.M.

Amy Schumer poked fun at Hilaria Baldwin's cultural controversy over a fake accent and Spanish Heritage in a now-deleted Instagram post.


Hilaria Baldwin had received many questions about her apparent fake Spanish accent and heritage, and Amy Schumer was quick to poke fun at her in a now-deleted Instagram post.

Hilaria, who is married to Alec Baldwin, recently came under backlash after fans accused her of faking a Spanish accent and lying about her heritage.


The mom of five made a video to respond to the questions and accusations in which she clarified that she had been born in Boston but spent a lot of time visiting Spain while growing up.

The comedian Amy Schumer who has pulled fun at her before, shared a photo of herself in a large brim hat glasses, holding a cup of tea. The caption contained the joke and read,

"I get it. I went to Spain a couple times and loved it too."


The main kicker of the caption was that it ended with a cucumber emoji. The emoji is the main part of the joke as there is a video of Hilaria forgetting the English word for the vegetable.

The controversy first started after Schumer had made a joke about a photo of Hilaria posing in underwear with her 3-month-year-old baby. Schumer reposted it and pretended was her and her baby, Gene.

After all the jokes and confusion, Schumer and Hilaria have sorted out the misunderstanding.

Schumer's since deleted Instagram joke about Hilaria's controversy. | Photo: Instagram/amyschumer

Schumer's since deleted Instagram joke about Hilaria's controversy. | Photo: Instagram/amyschumer

It was a joke because Hilaria looks so amazing and she had given birth only three months ago. Schumer, who has received slack in the past for her weight, was pulling fun at the fact that she was looking so good.


Schumer's repost of the photo received many comments that Hilaria found to be turning toward body shaming, so she made a video to rectify the situation. She had captioned the video,

"I decided to respond to the whole photo with Edu being made into a joke thing. Love a good joke-don’t think this should have been such a big deal. "


After watching her 4 and half minute video of Hilaria explaining her stance on the joke and body-shaming comments, fans picked up that her Spanish accent that she usually had in appearances was now missing.

She then posted the video mentioned above to clarify the situation and explain both her heritage and the accent changing. She said it changed depending on whether she had been speaking Spanish for a while.

After all the jokes and confusion, Schumer and Hilaria have sorted out the misunderstanding. Schumer even commented on her first video, apologizing for all the backlash.

Hilaria has five children with her husband and regularly posts about her family, her experiences with her previous pregnancy, and has made jokes about Schumer herself on her Instagram.

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