January 08, 2021

See First Photo Zonnique Pullins Shared of Her Baby in a Cute Yellow Cake-Printed Onesie

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Tiny Harris's daughter, Zonnique Pullins, took to her Instagram Story to reveal the first full picture of her newborn baby girl, who she gave birth to in December. 

Since giving birth to her daughter in December, many of Zonnique Pullins' fans had been waiting to catch a glimpse of the newborn child. 

Those fans finally got what they were waiting for on Thursday when Zonnique shared a cute picture of herself and her baby girl on her Instagram Story. 

Tameka "Tiny" Harris attends T.I.'s "Dime Trap" Private Album Release Party at The Trap Museum on October 4, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia | Photo: Getty Images


In the snapshot, the proud mom wore a gray T-shirt and neck chains and held her little one to her chest with both hands, smiling as she did. 

Zonnique's adorable baby closed her eyes as she faced the camera. She was clad in a yellow onesie and looked to be at peace in her mother's arms. Zonnique captioned the post, writing: 

"Basically me and my child lol." 


Zonnique has been opening up about her pregnancy experience and how she delivered her child. The first-time mother got real about what labor was like on her return to FOX Soul's "The Mix" on Wednesday. 

She said part of giving birth was nasty, adding that she did not want her boyfriend Bandhunta Izzy to see her defecate on herself while she was giving birth. 

Tiny said her daughter is a well-rounded woman and was not doing anything different than most women of her peers.

Image of Zonnique Pullins' daughter sleeping peacefully in her arms | Photo: Instagram/zonniquejailee


The singer further said that her daughter's delivery was not what she envisioned it to be, as it was a lot easier than what she expected. She added that it was very exciting and went smoothly. 

Zonnique said she felt like her baby was close down. Hence, she did not have to push for long. She told ladies that they need epidurals, which made her feel a whole lot better despite the painful contractions. 


Zonnique's mom, Tiny Harris, was very excited after her first grandchild's birth and took to social media to post the sweetest tribute to the latter. 

In one post, she described her granddaughter as fat and cute and just how she dreamed she would be, adding that the day was blessed and from God. 


The proud mother and grandmother previously came to Zonique's defense after the latter announced her pregnancy earlier in 2020. 

Some critics felt it was not right for Zonnique to get pregnant when she was yet to be married, but Tiny said her daughter is a well-rounded woman and was not doing anything different than most women of her peers. 

Tiny further said she was not married when she became pregnant with her first child, and she turned out fine and went on to live a great life. She added that because one is married does not mean they would stay married.