January 16, 2021

Kandi Burruss Heats Things up in a Bikini in Stunning Throwback Photos Showing Her Defined Abs

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Kandi Burruss left her fans drooling as she shared a few snapshots of herself flaunting a teeny weeny bikini showing off her rock hard six-packs. She served the internet some serious body goals!

Kandi Burruss recently sent the internet into a frenzy with a blast from the past. The "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star dug up her archives to reveal a series of photos from her younger days. 

Much to her fans' delight, she shared them on her Instagram. They were not some regular throwback snapshots — they featured a toned Burruss with a strong core flaunting her bikini body.

Todd Tucker & Kandi Burruss attend Majic 107.5 After Dark on September 03, 2019. | Source: Getty Images



That's right. There was a time when Burruss was absolutely obsessed with fitness, and her photos prove just how much. All four of the photos she shared were a sight for sore eyes. 

Burruss revealed in September 2020 that she had gained 20 pounds amid quarantine.


In the first photo, Burruss rocked a metallic bikini with a furry pink jacket and a matching pink skirt underneath. Her rock-hard abs glistened, making her look like a total goddess. 

The snap that followed showed a very much toned Burruss flaunting her physique in a pastel green bikini that she donned with a leather jacket. Another one saw her posing with some of her girl pals. 



The last photo featured Burruss, her skimpy yellow bikini, and an unforgettable bright smile. Looking at those photos, it is safe to say that not much has changed after all these years.

Burruss can still make hearts race with her beauty. She might not have abs as defined as they used to be, but her curves can turn heads wherever she goes. 



Talking about curves, Burruss revealed in September 2020 that she had gained 20 pounds amid quarantine. She was in great shape at the beginning of the pandemic and was hoping to lose 10 pounds. 

But things took a different turn, and Burruss ended up gaining an extra 20 instead. Back then, she said she would work out to lose all that extra weight. Extra pounds or not, she still looks great. 



With quarantine came lots of downtime and added pounds, but if there is one good thing that came out of it for Burruss, it is that she could spend more time with her family, especially her baby daughter, Blaze.

Blaze, who celebrated her first birthday on November 22, 2020, was born via surrogate. Burruss could not carry a child because of complications related to uterine fibroids that left scar tissue.