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Demi Moore Defies Her Age Wearing Chic Glasses & a Black T-Shirt While Posing with a Sloth

Joe Akins
Jan 12, 2021
10:20 P.M.
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American actress and film producer Demi Moore showed off her age-defying looks in a simple trendy outfit as she was seen posing with a sloth in a recent photo on her Instagram page.


Demi Moore is not just a fashion-forward beauty icon, she is also an animal lover. She put her ageless beauty on display when she was seen posing with a sloth in a recent photo.

The wholesome photo was posted on her Instagram feed just yesterday, and it showed the actress sharing a sweet moment with an adorable little sloth she had cradled in her arms.

Demi Moore on February 29, 2020 in Paris, France | Photo: Getty Images


She was clad in a simple black shirt with the rest of her outfit hidden outside the picture frame. On the bridge of her nose hung a wide pair of black-rimmed glasses, and her long dark hair fell to her back in a straight line.

The photo was taken in what looked like a crowded animal shelter filled with shelves, boxes, and other cute animals. There were also other people in the room, but the 58-year-old was too preoccupied with the adorable animal in her arms. She wrote:

"Some Monday cuteness for your feed. Big D and Little D! ? "


It goes without notice that this is not the film producer's first time taking wholesome photos with animals. Late last month, during the winter holidays, she was seen posing with her family and dogs in a sweet photo.

In the snap, Moore, a family member, her daughters Rumer, Tallulah, and her boyfriend, Dillon Buss, were seen posing for the shot alongside four dogs. It was taken in front of a snowy forest, and the group of five were all bundled in coats and jackets.

The poor animals had been abandoned in a dustbin, and she had taken it upon herself to look after them in her home.


Though the photo was a delightful marker of the holiday season, several fans reacted negatively. This was because the dogs in the picture were not covered up despite the biting cold.

A fan quickly pointed this out, while another added that though the picture was great, the dogs needed to have sweaters on. A third remarked that the poor animals were so cold and also pointed out the neglect.


Despite the outrage it sparked, it was still a lovely picture, and it came several months after the actress shared another quirky shot of herself posing with her daughter's cute little pooch, Cowboy.

In the image, Moore struck up a comical display as she placed the adorable spotted animal on her head and gave a goofy pose. The picture was snapped in her living room, and she had her hair packed into stylish pigtails.


The post came a few days after the actress opened up about her experience fostering two lost puppies in a touching Instagram post. She explained that the poor animals had been abandoned in a dustbin, and she had taken it upon herself to look after them in her home.

However, a ray of hope came for the puppies when they were adopted by their new owners a few weeks later. She also explained that there were three others, and they were still available for adoption. With these gestures, it is clear that Moore does have a big heart!