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Woman Kicked Out Son and His Wife after They Took Her Daughter's Room

Lois Oladejo
Jan 18, 2021
09:50 P.M.
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Have you ever wondered how it would be as a parent when dealing with certain dilemmas like sibling rivalry? You would probably feel as bad as Julia, a mom-of-two who seems to have hit a brick wall after dabbling in sibling rivalry.

Most often than not, motherhood is about making choices. Sometimes, slighting people and being on the offensive are inevitable. Well, this was the case of Julia, after she intervened in sibling rivalry amongst her kids.

Julia, a single mom of two, Kyle, 25, and Laura, 15, has had to cater for herself and her kids for a long time until Kyle moved out and got married. It was a tough one raising two kids all by herself, but this unrelenting mom refused to be a failure.

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With Laura being the only family member residing with her, Julia's bond with the teenager grew stronger, and more often than not, she had to bring on her mama bear side.

The doting mom once had to stop her relationship with a prospective partner because she did not like how he treated Laura. This was how much she loved her daughter and would go to extremes to protect her.

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Once again, Julia's mama bear instincts were tested after her son, Kyle, moved in with his pregnant wife, Norma. The couple was facing hard times because Kyle lost his job and could not pay rent.

He and his wife moved into his mom's home, pending the time they resolve accommodation and financial issues. The pair got a room and moved their unborn baby's things into Laura's room.

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This did not sit well with Julia, who told the couple to take their baby's things into the storage, but they refused. With time, Norma got closer to her due date and needed to set up her baby's nursery.

She suggested she and her spouse take Laura's room, set it up as a nursery while the youngster would move to the storage room. This time, Julia vehemently refused, warning off Kyle and his wife and stating that she would not let them have their way.

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Things came to a head when Julia was not home, and Norma convinced Laura to leave her room for the new baby. Before long, she started setting up the nursery. When Julia got home, she saw the commotion and wasted no time launching into a tirade.

Julia lashed out at the couple and demanded they leave her home. The couple moved out, and Kyle reported his mom to family members who berated her and accused her of favoritism among her own children.

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Now Julia has to deal with the embarrassment while explaining that she was not playing favorites and only trying to protect her younger child. Do you think Julia went overboard, or would you have done the same?

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