January 23, 2021

An Attorney Had a Tough Day at Work — but Home Was Even More Dramatic

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After a tedious day at work, an attorney who had tried to get a client off the death list was greeted by his wife's routine nagging, but this time around, he was having none of it.

Sometimes, husbands have been said to enjoy their wives bickering, especially when they have a way to soothe them gently. An attorney was in no mood for his wife's argument after having a hectic day.

The attorney had spent most of his day trying to save his client. The latter was scheduled to die by hanging, and he was doing all he could to prevent that.

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He reached out to the governor with a last-minute clemency plea, but even that was thrown off, and his efforts were wasted. He had spent his entire day with nothing to show for it.

Tired and worn out, the attorney arrived home a little too late, which meant he had to be on the receiving end of his wife's routine bickering.

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True to her nature, when his wife sighted him at the door, she began complaining about his late return from work and questioned him on why he was home late.

Without waiting for a response, she continued her rant and said that dinner had gotten cold and she would not reheat it. She continued her complaints.

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Usually, when his wife got like this, the attorney had his way to soothe her, but tonight, he was not ready to play his part in the show. With his wife continuing her rant, he went upstairs, got himself a whiskey bottle, and then proceeded to the bathtub for a hot bath.

While he had his shower, his phone rang, and his wife got to it. She was told that her husband's client had been granted a stay of execution by the governor and would not be hanged that night.

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It was then she realized that he must have had a hectic day, so she decided to cheer him up with the goodness of the night, but he was not in the mood for that too.

When she got into the bathroom, where he was drying up, she told him that his client would not be hung that night. In a flash, he screamed at her, "For the love of God, woman, don't you ever stop?"

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