January 21, 2021

Wendy Williams' Brother Tommy Responds to Her Threats about Exposing Him & His Wife

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Wendy Williams’ brother Tommy sent a strong message to his talk show host sister after she threatened to expose him. He accused her of refusing to attend their mother’s funeral.

Wendy Williams' brother Tommy Williams is firing shots at the talk show host after she threatened to expose him and his wife’s shady dealings. In a new 6-minute video, Tommy expanded on his claims that Wendy didn’t attend their mom’s funeral. 

Tommy explained that he didn’t watch the episode where Wendy threatened him, but their father did, and he was disappointed. He asked the show host why she didn’t come to the funeral and didn’t bother to inform her dad.


Wendy Williams discusses her daytime talk show at Build Studio on April 17, 2017 | Photo: Getty Images

He clarified his earlier statement that she wasn’t present at the ceremony, saying that Wendy did come around the dawning of the wake but told her dad that she had to travel back to New York for some business.


However, in reality, she didn’t leave town but was out having lunch with her ex-husband Kevin Hunter and their son. He shamed his sister for not having the empathy to tell their father about her decision to skip the funeral.


Tommy then dropped a major bomb saying that Hunter made time out to come to the funeral and pay respects to their mother even though he and Wendy were in the middle of a bitter divorce.

Wendy wasn’t buying [her bother's] claims and she addressed them on Monday’s episode of her show.


Tommy accused his sister of being selfish and abandoning her family. He revealed that he had tried numerously to reach out to her, but she always hung up on him. He then asked her to tell their dad why she refused to attend the funeral.

The saga between the siblings began on January 16 when Tommy uploaded a 30-minute clip, dishing dirty details about his sister, including the news that she failed to attend their mother’s funeral.


Wendy wasn’t buying his claims and she addressed them on Monday’s episode of her show. Lashing out at him, the 56-year-old warned Tommy to behave as he is only her brother. She threatened him, saying:

"You and your wife better get your life before I get it for you… I have better feelings for my ex-husband, Kevin, than I do for my own brother.”


According to reports, the renowned show host has responded to her brother’s recent claims in his 6-minute video. On Tuesday, January 19’s episode of her show, she cleared the air, saying she attended the funeral.


got emotional as she recalled a conversation she had with her ex-husband and their son on the day of the funeral. Wendy’s mother, Shirley Skinner Williams,

passed away

in December 2020 surrounded by loved ones.