19-Year-Old Man Tells Stepfather to Get Out of His House If He Doesn't like Him

Cathrine Mabvudza
Jan 22, 2021
11:50 A.M.
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Imagine being a young man, finally learning to be an adult and living alone, only for your step-dad and his kids to move in with you and boss you around in your own house.


After months of being berated and called lazy, Jake finally stood his ground against his step-dad, Thomas, and his two 16-year-old kids, T.J., and Olivia. 

The three had moved in with Jake after he graciously opened his home to them at the behest of his mom. She and Thomas were selling their home and needed somewhere to stay for a while.

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At 19 years old, Jake had been lucky to inherit a beautiful fully-furnished four-bedroomed house from his late paternal grandfather. His older brother, Jessie, 27, had been given a sizeable piece of land that he was developing.

At the time, Jake's mom, Gina, worked overseas in Kenya, where she met Thomas. Truth be told, Thomas was quite charming over the phone and video calls, and Jake rather liked him at first.


When Gina broke the news that she and Thomas were getting married and moving back to Seattle, Jake was thrilled and gave his blessing. He was even excited at the prospect of having more siblings.

The newlyweds needed a place to stay while waiting on the sale of their home in Nairobi, and Jake welcomed them with open arms, Thomas' kids included; after all, he had space, and the house would be less lonely.


Jake had no idea things were about to take a turn for the worst. Within weeks of living together, Thomas started to act a bit bossy, perhaps out of habit from being the patriarch in his home, Jake justified.

There was a brief silence as Gina pondered what to do, she could see Jake with his fists clenched and Thomas' beetroot red face.

Everyone in the house did chores, and Jake always made sure to do all the chores his mom assigned, but Thomas seemed to have extra tasks for him to do. This did not go over well with Jake.


Over time, Jake started to feel uncomfortable in his own home. The family would often eat without him, leaving him to cook his own food. He didn't mind; he preferred to be alone and spent much of his time in his room.

Even that was a problem for Thomas, who called him antisocial and lazy. One argument got heated after Jake refused to take on extra chores, and his mom ended up stepping in and calming everyone down.


As the tensions escalated, Thomas would often accuse Gina of taking her son's side and giving TJ and Olivia more chores than Jake. Even a family therapy session couldn't calm things down.

That night, Jake and TJ got into a screaming match after TJ disrespectfully called him a sloth. "How dare he speak to me like that in my own house?" thought Jake.


Jake, unable to control his emotions, came down on TJ so hard the boy started to cry and ran upstairs, prompting Thomas to get involved and defend his son. This time, Jake wasn't polite, and he yelled:

"if you don't like me, then pack your things and get out of my house!"

There was a brief silence as Gina pondered what to do, she could see Jake with his fists clenched and Thomas' beetroot red face, and she knew she had to separate the two men.


The next morning, tensions were still high, and to Jake's surprise, the whole fiasco was being discussed in the extended family group chat. Half the family thought he was wrong, while the other defended him.

Jake didn't care, though. He had made up his mind. That night, he told his mom that it was time for her and her new family to move out of his house just like this woman, who kicked her cousin out of her house after a heated argument.