Chrissy Teigen's Wish Comes True as the Official POTUS Twitter Account Follows Her Back

Chrissy Teigen's wish came true as the official POTUS Twitter account followed her back this week as Biden came into his presidency. 

Chrissy Teigen, an avid Twitter user, had her wish come true at the Offical POTUS Twitter account and followed her back after she had requested Biden to follow her. 

The POTUS Twitter account currently follows 13 people, including Kamala Harris, Jill Biden, Douglas Emhoff, and other White House Staff. However, the only non-political connection the POTUS follows is Teigen. 

The mother of 2 and TV personality from "Lipsync Battles" had requested Biden to follow her as Donald Trump had blocked her from seeing his tweets. 

It seems the follow back was a deliberate move by the White House director of digital strategy. Rob Flaherty addressed the situation on his own Twitter with a meme of the situation. His tweet read, followed by photos of the situation:

"How it started. How it’s going."

Of course, Teigen shared her own excitement for her new follower with a few tweets, one that read that she should stop tweeting now because the President could see her. 

She also shared a screenshot of an article about the exciting news on her Instagram stories with the words, "What a time to be alive."