January 25, 2021

Ellen DeGeneres Is Ranked 12th on Forbes 2020 Celebrity List — inside Her Net Worth

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Ellen DeGeneres, popular for hosting the hit daytime talk show, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," was one of Forbes' highest-paid celebrities last year. Here is a look into how the television personality makes her money.

Last June, famous television personality and talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, was ranked number 12 on Forbes' highest-paid celebrities list for 2020.

DeGeneres, who rose to fame after appearing on the 1994 sitcom "Ellen," made the list after raking in an estimated $84 million from her multiple streams of income last year.

Ellen DeGeneres waits to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom in Washington, DC on November 22, 2016. | Photo: Getty Images


With her 2020 earnings estimated at $84 million, DeGeneres's net worth for last year is rounded up to be $414 million. In 2019, she was worth only $330 million, putting her on the map as one of America's richest self-made women.

The TV star became a household name in 2003 when "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" first aired. From the show, DeGeneres makes a bunch of her income, raking in about $287,356 per episode and $50 million by the end of every season.


In addition to getting paid for hosting "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the television host also gets about 60 percent of the show's profits from product placement and advertising.

Away from her eponymous show, DeGeneres has earned several millions producing television shows, one of which is the popular "Little Big Shots." The television personality also gets licensing fees from other businesses.

It can't be denied that her earnings from real estate have contributed to her wealth.


When DeGeneres is not hosting "The Ellen Show," the television personality makes time for her first love — stand-up comedy. Unsurprisingly, this pays her well too.

In 2018, DeGeneres collaborated with Netflix to release a 68-minute stand-up comedy special performed in Washington. For that, the talk show host received about $20million from the streaming platform.

While her career in comedy and hosting comes with a big paycheck, DeGeneres gets a large percentage of her money from major brand endorsements.


The television personality was once an ambassador for cosmetic brand Cover Girl. Some of her other endorsement deals have also included JCPenny, American Express, and many more.

With her whooping net worth, it would interest many to know how DeGeneres chooses to spend her money — or rather, how she chooses to invest it. 


Over the years, DeGeneres has purchased several luxury houses, which she often resells at a profit. While she describes this as a habit rather than a financial move, it can't be denied that her earnings from real estate have contributed to her wealth.

Whether in her career or through her hobbies, DeGeneres sure knows how to amass wealth. And with an estimated net worth of nearly half a billion dollars, the talk show host has done well for herself.