January 22, 2021

Jenna Bush Hager Praises Her Mom Laura Bush for Wearing Flats on Inauguration Day — Here's Why

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Following the recently concluded inauguration, TODAY anchor Jenna Bush Hager gushed about her mother, former first lady Laura Bush’s comfort and elegance-centric outfit.

Moms seem to love it when their daughters are proud of them. In a recent episode of "TODAY with Hoda and Jenna," host Jenna Bush Hager had plenty to say about her mom, Laura Bush’s outfit for Inauguration Day. She said:

“I respect my mother in this way — she was wearing flats! Y’all, there are a lot of stairs in that Capitol, and they’re stone.”

Jenna Bush Hager visits Build at Build Studio on April 08, 2019 in New York City | Photo: Getty Images


Hager went on to explain that walking in high heels all day long and traversing those stone stairs would have her feet barking in pain. True to her description, the number of stairs at the Capitol is truly high!

Although Jenna's mom, Mrs. Bush, most probably avoided the entire walk from the basement to the top of the dome, there were still many stairs to be conquered.


Walking from the stone steps that begin at the beginning of the building and lead into it, as well as the many others leading to the West Front balcony, would have already been enough of a tough journey.

Anchor Savannah Guthrie also added that Jenna’s mom looked absolutely beautiful in her elegant flats, noting that other ladies would have wished they did the same.

The former first lady was only one of the former first ladies who showed up at the event in an impeccable fashion. 


For the event, the ever-stunning Laura, 74, was an epitome of grace in a beautiful slate-gray dress beneath a powder blue coat. She completed the outfit with sheer tights, a shining pearl necklace, and a pair of black flats with a matching black purse.

The former first lady was only one of the former first ladies who showed up at the event in impeccable fashion. The event was packed full of women with great taste!


Former first lady Michelle Obama also showed up in all her elegant glory in a gorgeous monochromatic outfit of a plum-colored turtleneck, ankle-length coat, and wide-legged pants.

Michelle accessorized her fabulous look with a black mask, gloves, pointed boots, and a statement belt. Hillary Clinton made a statement with her outfit as well.

The 73-year-old also arrived in a dark shade of plum for her long coat worn over a purple blouse, matching purple pants, and a coordinated scarf to tie the look together.


Newly-inaugurated Vice President Kamala Harris also went all out for the big day in a beautiful purple outfit by black designer Christopher John Rogers.

The 56-year-old wore a regal purple shift dress beneath a matching purple coat. Bush was most certainly in the midst of great, beautiful, and elegant women.

Her daughter, Jenna, seems to have picked up a thing or two as she also showed off her fabulous style in her family’s 2020 Christmas card. It is clear to see where Hager got her sense of style from. Her mother is simply fabulous!